Moving out of state is a big decision and if you’ve made the leap of faith to pack up and move across state lines you must be nervous to say the least, right? Most people rate moving as one of the most stressful experiences, however, if a long distance move is done right, it could be a fairly simple process.

Located on the southeastern coast near Miami, Fort Lauderdale is known for its beautiful ocean and river heritage. It has been named as the “Venice of America” due to the presence of more than 162 bridges, 500 miles of waterways and serene beaches. The city is a must visit in the US and preferred by the tourists. The beautiful city is blessed with both natural and artificial types of aesthetics.

The city is an amazing merge of the rare combination of sandy beaches, hip and urban culture and strong economic standing. It is not just a great place to visit; it is truly a place you can move to. It is a common choice for relocation. The popular culture and growing artists in the city make it more versatile.

We will try to give you as much information about how to prepare for your interstate move as well as provide some basic information about conditions you may expect going to FL. Please take the time to read our information and tips. At any point feel free to call us for more information at (888) 668-3446.

1. Moving services and tips

Some of the important points to know before moving are:

  • Always do your research when looking for a legitimate mover. Moving is not fun, especially if you are using the internet to shop. There are great moving companies in the area, but just like any other business you have some that are not. It is extremely important to research your mover with the better business bureau and the department of transportation when you are planning to move out of state.
  • You can also research your mover with local agencies such as the the American moving and storage association and MMTA- the Maryland motor truck association, or, VMWA - the Virginia moving and warehouseman association.
  • Moving in the hot summer months is not recommended. If it’s at all possible, don’t schedule a move for the summer. From May 25 to Labor Day, things go wild. That’s when parents with school-age kids move, and that’s when the military does their personnel moves.
  • If you must move during the summer months, try to move during a week day or the middle of the month if possible.
  • Start your research early and begin planning in May. At the very least, book six weeks ahead of time.
  • When moving to Florida you should ask your mover to come to your home for a visual survey of the home. When you get an estimate please make sure it is in writing and you understand all charges and coverages.
  • Most movers will offer different type of insurance options in case something went wrong. Make sure you understand coverages.
  • Fragile and delicate items should be packed by a professional, however, some movers offer educational material and help you save some or most of your packing cost. Ask your movers about any video or literature about packing tips and techniques.

The biggest industry present in Fort Lauderdale is tourism. Be it the boating industry, cruises, restaurants or pubs - the tourism industry employs more than a 100,000 people in the city.


2. Highways and public transport

Public transportation in the city is well maintained. Broward County Transit which is also popularly called BCT provides the networks of transportation in the city. BCT has a network of bus system throughout the metropolitan parts of the city. There are four railroads present in the city. Tri Rail services provide the rail system connecting various parts of the city. The main airport present in the city is Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport. It is also the fastest growing airport in the country. The third busiest cruise port known as Port Everglades is also present in Fort Lauderdale.


3. Climate

The general climate of Fort Lauderdale is that of a tropical rainforest. The temperature usually remains same throughout the year except for some fluctuations in different seasons. The average temperature throughout the year usually remains 65 degrees. The level of humidity and moisture is high and the climate is never arid. Summers are moderately hot and humid with an average temperature remaining between 70-90 degrees. Whereas, winters can get a little dry and remain moderately cool. Overall, there is no extreme weather in any part of the year. The tropical climate is combined with regular sunshine, frequent rain showers and a pleasant weather.

Due to a pleasant weather and serenity within the city throughout the year, outdoor activities are very popular among the residents. The physical activities such as skating, jogging and biking are very much preferred by the residents. A favorite sport of this city is beach yoga and other beach games.

4. Education

A number of quality schools and educational institutes are present in the city. The city is popular among international students partly due to its quality education standards and party due to the beauty it has been bestowed with. There are many top class universities present in the city. Some of the very important universities include:

  • City College
  • Keiser University
  • Florida Atlantic University FAU
  • Nova Southeastern University NSU
  • Jersey College
  • Broward College BC
  • Florida International University FIU
  • University of Phoenix
  • The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale

Other than quality universities, the city is also a home to many libraries. There is a strong inclination towards books, research and reading materials. There are also some really big libraries present in Fort Lauderdale, including:

  • Tyrone Bryant Branch Library
  • Galt Ocean Mile Reading Center
  • Broward County Main Library
  • Stirling Road Branch Library
  • African-American Research Library and Cultural Center
5. Government

The form of government present in the city is commission-manager. One mayor and four commission members are appointed after every three years through city election. The administrative responsibilities of the city government include: looking after state owned buildings, public transport, fire fighting agencies, tourism and maintaining the overall infrastructure of the city.To research your potential movers for licensing please visit FMCSA. To check if a moving company is a ProMover.

6. Cities / metro areas

The number of neighborhoods present in the city is more than 80. The Neighborhood Organization Recognition Program officially recognizes 60 neighborhoods present in the city. However, there are also some 20 to 30 more neighborhoods present in the city but the localities have not been declared officially yet. Different areas have distinct living standards and some are more affordable than others.

Overall, all the localities present in the city ooze natural beauty and charm. Some of the most important areas present in Fort Lauderdale include:

  • Victoria Park
  • Chula Vista Isles
  • Home Beautiful Park
  • Middle River Terrace
  • Bay Colony Club
  • Palm Aire Village East
  • Birch Park
  • Twin Lakes North
  • Lofts of Palm Aire Village
  • Beverly Heights
  • Shady Banks
  • Galt Ocean Mile
  • Intracoastal
  • Downtown Fort
  • Coral Ridge Country Club Estates
  • Hendricks and Venice Isles
  • Lake Aire-Palm View
  • North Beach Island


7. Cost of living

The city is thriving with opportunities due to its dynamic structure. The unemployment is very low due to constantly flourishing businesses. Even though, the cost of living is much higher in the city as compared to other places. But a vast range of employment opportunities make the city very affordable.

If you are moving to an area in Florida you are not familiar with here is a link to compare cost of living in different areas.

The unemployment rate is 7% in the city which is below the national average. Some of the top employers in the city include: Sun-Sentinel, Memorial Bank of America, Ed Morse Automotive Group, Nova Southeastern University, and the Maxim Integrated Products

Considering these facts about the city, it is a great time to move! The city is in the phase of development and growth, so it is much easier to establish businesses or gain employment due to the low competition. The rare combination of sandy beaches, hip and urban culture, strong economic standing and the versatile artists make it very dynamic.

8. Schools

A number of academically advanced and quality educational institutes are present in the city. The educational system known as Broward County Public Schools is responsible for managing schools throughout the city. Some of the very famous schools present in Fort Lauderdale include:

Elementary Schools

Here are a list of schools in Florida, if you want to check out more schools, or to check school rating visit here.

  • Bennett Elementary School
  • Lauderdale Manors Elementary School
  • Walker Elementary School
  • Bayview Elementary School
  • North Fork Elementary School
  • Dillard Elementary School
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary School
  • Croissant Park Elementary School
  • Stephen Foster Elementary School
  • Virginia Shuman Young Elementary School
  • Riverland Elementary School
  • North Side Elementary School
  • Sunland Park Elementary School
  • Harbordale Elementary School
  • Rock Island Elementary School
  • Westwood Heights Elementary School

Middle Schools

  • New River Middle School
  • Parkway Middle School
  • William Dandy Middle School
  • James S Rickards middle
  • Sunrise Middle School

High Schools

  • Fort Lauderdale High School
  • Sheridan Technical High School
  • Cardinal Gibbons High School
  • Thomas Aquinas High School
  • Westminster Academy
  • Stranahan High School
  • Pine Crest School
  • Calvary Christian School
  • Saint Anthony Catholic School
9. Media outlets

Ft. Lauderdale is like a magnet to amateur artists due to the arts associations such as the Flagler Arts and Technology (FAT). It offers various events such as the Art Walk in the downtown. Artists are relocating to this city and the art scene of the city is growing tremendously.

To check out local events in Miami Florida please click HERE.

Fort Lauderdale is a very happening place and a range of activities are always occurring in the city. It is important to follow a reliable source of mass communication. The most read and popular newspaper in the city include The Miami Herald and South Florida-Sun Sentinel. Some other Spanish newspapers popular in different parts of the city are El Nuevo Herald and El Sentinel.

10. About Movers USA

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