Moving to Dallas TX

Panoramic overview of downtown Dallas in the morning

If a move to Dallas, Texas is in your future, read ahead for some helpful tips about moving and some valuable information about your new city. Dallas is one of the central cities in the state of Texas. It is ranked the 9th largest in the U.S and 3rd in the state of Texas. The city is known for cattle, oil, its telecom industry and the local trains. Popular companies like Exxon Mobil and AT&T are present in the city. It has many different localities which suit various socioeconomic backgrounds. There are many options to settle in the city. The places include North Dallas, Downtown and the Suburbs. The area of the Suburbs is relatively pleasant and calm. It is much cheaper to build a beautiful house here.

The North Dallas area is on the North West Highway and the price is comparatively less than the mainstream areas. Living in downtown is the most expensive. All the famous malls, stores and organizations are nearby.

1. Moving services and tips:

The city is constantly expanding and increasing in opportunities. Moderate climate with lower cost of living have attracted many people from different backgrounds to this city. Dallas is thriving economically with growing organizations in the area of information technology, health and business. Many young couples, retired people and businesspersons are choosing Dallas for relocation. If you are considering moving to the city too, consider these tips first:

  • Summer in Dallas is Hot. Moving at that time of the year would be a mistake. Plan your move in winter. Spring or autumn as they are pleasant.
  • If you cannot avoid summer moving, then contact professional movers who’ll make the process much easier and start out early to avoid scorching heat of the day.
  • Try to learn some basic Spanish. As it is a common language in various parts of Dallas.
  • When shopping for a mover it is best to ask family or friends for a recommendation. If you are getting names online, it is important to research those movers with local agencies like better business bureau or the department of transportation.
  • When you ask for moving estimates you should try and get the mover to come and visit and provide an in-home estimate. Most reputable moving companies would provide such estimate free of charge. Make sure that the estimate you get is in writing and you understand all charges and coverages.
  • Prior to moving it is advised that you go through your items and see if there are items that you may want to let go of, or sell. Reducing the amount of items would reduce moving cost, and if you can do a moving sale you can use some of the funds from such sale to offset the cost of the move.
  • Another great idea is to arrange for a “packing party”. You can invite friends and family and while you get them food and drinks and even play some good music, they can help supervise, or even pack some pots and pans.
  • Stay organized. Moving could be messy, therefor start a moving folder and try to stay organized as much as you can.
  • If possible, try to schedule moves in the middle of the month. Most homes are trying to reserve the last days, or, the first few days of the month for moving. If you can plan to move during a weekday and in the middle of the month, you may be able to save. Talk to your moving company representative to see how move date can help with saving.
2. Highways and public transport:

When moving to a new state, you would want to check traffic conditions, you can call your movers to ask or you can visit here for traffic conditions.

Except for the downtown area, the city doesn’t have much traffic issues. It is an excellent place to own and drive a car. The options for public transportation include DART (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) which links train, bus and trolley systems in the city. DART in Dallas offers 72 miles of light rail and 120 bus routes.

D-Link transit in Dallas is a free bus service in downtown that gives it riders a perfect view of all the [popular art centers, culture and entertainment districts.  Another source of transportation is FLEX. FLEX is for designated fixed routes and passengers interested in availing the services of FLEX can easily book their ride by calling one hour prior to the time they want to leave. For people who are physically impaired can avail the services of DART as it provides curb to curb transit service.


3. Climate:

Moving to Dallas may mean that you will experience a new climate. The city experiences moderate to severe heat in summers. The climate in autumn and spring is comparatively pleasant and mild. It is suggested to new residents to prepare their move at the right time to avoid unnecessary problems. Moving during the summer can prove to be a big hassle.

It is the subtropical climate that makes Dallas hot and humid. The summer lasts for a long period of time and snow fall is a rarity. However, every once or twice a year Dallas experiences freezing rain falls that causes huge traffic disruptions. Spring and autumn in Dallas are pleasant and lovely. Spring however brings various tornados in Dallas and most time causes lots of destruction. You can check for the forecast and average weather for time of year here.

4. Education:

Doing research for your move will definitely include looking into the education system in Dallas. Dallas is home to various educational institutes. The city accommodates 337 public schools, 89 private schools, 32 libraries and 38 colleges. Dallas is a preferred choice of education in the southern part of United States. Dallas areas like Southlake, Frisco, McKinney West, Central Plano, High Land Park has some of the best schools within it. The Government of Dallas has also made education the focus of their efforts and is making some great improvement in the field.

5. Government:

Interstate movers are licensed by the FMCSA. TO check if a company is in good rating with DOT, please check here. The American Moving and Storage association also regulates moving companies. To check if a mover is a ProMover please visit here.

When you make the move to Dallas you’ll want to be able to look into the public service provided by the government. You can find a list of offices and service here.

The city of Dallas observes Council-manager government and is headed by a mayor. Each district of Dallas has a council manager as a representative in the council. The government puts safety of their residents on top priority. They have a highly functional and efficient Police and Fire Department. Following are some other services provided by the government of Dallas:

Help Centre:

  • High Weeds
  • Litter
  • Garbage Roll Cart
  • Dead Animal Pickup
  • Animal (Loose)
  • Obstructed Street/Sidewalk
  • Garbage Missed
  • Signs - Public Right of Way
  • Bulky Trash Violations

Public Safety

  • Community Policing
  • Courts
  • Crime Reports
  • Crime Watch
  • Emergency Management
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Fire Prevention Program


  • Animal Services
  • Community Centers
  • Cultural Centers
  • Libraries
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Sanitation Services
  • Transportation
6. Cities / metro areas:

Moving to Dallas means you will have access to some of the state’s best art and culture. Dallas is very famous for its thriving art. A very well-known museum in the city is known as the Museum of Art which collects all kinds of historical and cultural aspects of the city. The important events include State Fair of Texas which is held every year. Some of the important places to visit include: Cotton Bowl, African American Museum, Fair Park and many others.

Dallas, Texas itself is the fourth largest metropolitan area and the ninth largest city in the United States. The downtown area of Dallas is a little on the costly side. It has a great scenic beauty with amazing neighborhood. Some of the best neighborhoods of Dallas include:

  • Lake Highland
  • Uptown
  • Preston Hollow
  • M Streets
  • Richardson
7. Cost of living:

It’s always nice to move to a place where your cost of living is lower than your previous city. Hopefully this will be the case with your move to Dallas. Many cities in Texas have very low tax rates. Dallas is also a nice place to live as the cost of living is significantly less than other cities in the US. The basic commodities in Dallas are sold in much cheaper rates. The real estate costs are also very low with decent housing schemes available. It is stated that the cost of living in Dallas is at least 8% lower than the national average. However education and health care cost is relatively higher in Dallas.

One of the main sources of Dallas economics is telecommunication industry. This naturally makes it a center of various big telecom companies. Richardson, a suburb of Dallas and also known as Telecom corridor houses thousands of these companies and thus provides various employment opportunities to the residents.

8. Schools:

Moving to Dallas may mean that you are moving to a new school zone. You’ll definitely be interested in which school your children may be attending. Please visit here for an easy way to check Texas is famous for its huge diversity of people. The city of Dallas is also home to diverse populations from various parts of the world. The city also has a range of schools that are categorized as private, international, special needs, religious or magnate. Other than a variety in schools, Dallas also has a good number of reputed universities. Some of the schools in Dallas are:


  • University of North Texas at Dallas
  • Dallas Baptist University
  • The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School
  • Paul Quinn College

High Schools:

  • Bryan Adams High School
  • David W. Carter High School
  • Moisés E. Molina High School
  • W. Samuell High School
  • H. Adamson High School
  • Hillcrest High School
  • G. Pinkston High School
  • Woodrow Wilson High School
  • Yvonne A. Ewell Townview Magnet Center

Middle Schools:

  • Pearl C. Anderson Middle Learning Center
  • William Hawley Atwell Law Academy
  • Billy E. Dade Middle Learning Center
  • Thomas A. Edison Middle Learning Center

Elementary School:

  • Nathan Adams Elementary School
  • John Quincy Adams Elementary School
  • Birdie Alexander Elementary School
  • Gabe P. Allen Elementary School
  • William M. Anderson Elementary School
  • Arcadia Park Elementary School
  • Arlington Park Community Learning Center
  • Bayles Elementary School
  • Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School
  • A. Blair Elementary School
  • Annie Webb Blanton Elementary School
  • James B. Bonham Elementary School
  • Felix G. Botello Elementary School
  • Rufus C. Burleson Elementary School
  • P. Caillet Elementary School
  • John W. Carpenter Elementary School
  • F. Carr Elementary School
  • George W. Carver Learning Center


9. Media outlets:

When you are new to the city of Dallas you’ll need to find a way to get your local news. If you need some suggestions, please visit here for a long list of media outlets. The Print and electronic media in Dallas is not lacking by any means. The new residents of Dallas can learn all about local news through the plethora of newspapers and TV stations the city offers. Dallas Morning News is one of the most read papers of Dallas. Few others include:


  • Al Dia
  • Associated Press
  • Dallas Business Journal
  • Dallas Examiner
  • Dallas Observer
  • Dallas Post Tribune
  • Dallas Weekly
  • D Magazine
  • El Herald
  • El Hispano
  • The Asian Magazine

Broadcast Stations:

  • KDAF-CW 33

Radio Stations:

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