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When you are moving to Alabama, you may not be familiar with the states rich history. There is much to learn about the region.  Located in the southwestern region, Alabama is known for its amazing American Civil Rights Movement landmarks. This state is full of love and is perfect for those who admire old mansions. This state is also known as the Yellowhammer State, which is the state bird. This state is relatively much more affordable than other states in the U.S. and offers a peaceful setting. There are lots of museums and other attractions to see in Alabama that tell a lot about the political and cultural history of America.


1. Moving Tips and Services

Before you move to Alabama, it is important to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Weather is the first thing that you need to consider when planning to relocate to Alabama because March, April, May, and November are storm months.
  • The best month to move to Alabama is October because it is quite dry and the weather is also milder.
  • It is also better to check the weather forecast before planning the big move because this state has a high rate of hurricane, thunderstorm, and tornado.
  • Permits are quite important and when moving to Alabama, make sure you have checked on building, landlord, and parking permits. It is better to get these permits before you get in trouble.
  • Notify the post office and other agencies about change your address as soon as you move to your new place.
  • If you made a decision to hire a professional moving company, here are a few things to help you find the right company:
    • The best way to ensure you are hiring a reputed moving company is to take advice from your friends, family or real estate agent.
    • Run a thorough background check on the company. Make sure it is licensed and insured.
    • Obtain a written estimate prior to your move, based on your home inventory or dwelling. It is best if the company can perform in-home survey prior to your move.
    • Get estimates from at least three companies and compare their rates.
2. Highways and public transport

If you are moving to Alabama, you’ll want to find the best way for yourself to get around. That may  mean using public transport or personal transportation. Alabama has pretty clean roadways which provide easy navigation to the different cities and to other states as well. The roads in the state are well-maintained and due to the availability of proper signage, it is quite easy to reach anywhere within the state. The drive is so smooth throughout the state that most Albanians prefer to drive on their own.

But if you reside in the rural parts of the state, then you might want to be careful while driving during the night time as most of these areas do not have street lights or street signage. However, almost all of the rural areas in Alabama have pretty smooth roads. The state of Alabama has five main interstate highways including I-10, I-20, I-59, I-65, and I-85.

3. Climate

When moving to Alabama, you need to take special care about the weather conditions as it can get pretty messy, and any storm might make your move very troubling. Please visit here for an updated on weather forecasts. Alabama’s climate mostly remains hot and humid. This state also enjoys massive rainfall, but mostly the weather remains warm. This state is also known for its unpredictable storms, tornados, and hurricanes. Winters in Alabama are not extremely cold and the southern remains mild during the winter season.

4. Education

You may be moving to Alabama with an interested in higher education. Education in Alabama is pretty decent and there are many elementary schools and high schools that are doing really well. This state is also home to two major colleges; the Auburn University and the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa. The state of Alabama also offers great medical education and has four medical colleges including the University of South Alabama, The Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine - Auburn Campus University of Alabama School of Medicine, and the Alabama College of Osteopathic Medicine. There are many prestigious high schools in this state where the students are doing well in science, math, and reading.

5. Government

Relocating to a new place means you have to get accustomed to all the new things thrown at you. There are also many legal factors that you need to look after. In order to make your move less stressful, you need to get the following things in line:

  • Building, fuel, and parking permits
  • Voter registration
  • Driver’s license registration
  • Waste management system
  • Taxes

When you have all these things sought out, you will be relaxed when you start living in this state. This will also keep you from getting fined in a new city.

6. Cities/metro areas

If you are moving to Alabama, you will get plenty of entertainment and recreation. This state is quite culturally and ethnically diverse and you will find amenities in abundance in main cities. Alabama has four main cities; Birmingham, Mobile, Huntsville, and Montgomery. All of these major cities are quite large and densely populated. Each of the metro areas of Alabama has their own rural areas that consist of farming lands and numerous towns.

7. Cost of living

If you are relocating to Alabama, you might be glad to find out that the cost of living in this state is relatively low with a national average of 12%. Furthermore, the cost of living has not changed in several years, which is another sign that it is quite stable. However, it is important to keep in mind that the average salary in Alabama is lower than other states.

Therefore, if you are relocating to Alabama from a state where the minimum wage was decent or above $2, you might not find Alabama a good place to settle.

8. Schools

You may need to find a new school for your children after your move. Please look here for a list and ratings in Alabama cities. Alabama education is pretty decent and the elementary schools and high schools fall under the Alabama State Board of Education. There are many other country schools and education boards that run most of the schools in this state. There are a total number of 744,637 schools in Alabama that offer quality education to the students. Although the standard of education offered by these schools has improved over the years, it is still lower than other state schools. For those interested in higher education, there are many prominent colleges in Alabama that offer different programs to the students.

There are many leading high school in Alabama including the following:

  1. Vestavia Hills High School
  2. Ramsay High School (Birmingham)
  3. Piedmont High School
  4. New Century Tech Demo High School
  5. Mountain Brook High School
  6. Loveless Academic Magnet Progressive High School
  7. Daphne High School
  8. Brewbaker Tech Magnet High School
  9. Booker T. Washington Magnet High School
  10. Arab High School
9. Media outlets

When you have relocated to a new place that is quite alien to you, the first things that you should do is start exploring it and know everything about your surroundings. And what can be a better way to do so than the various media outlets? Check here for an Index of options at the Alabama Info website.

There are numerous publications, newspapers, magazines, and television channels in the state of Alabama that offer news, entertainment, and insight to different areas of the state. Some newspapers and magazines also offer insight on the latest events and happenings in the state.

Some of the most prominent newspapers and magazines that you can read to know the state better include the following:

  • Sand Mountain Reporter
  • The Western Star
  • The Post
  • The News Courier
  • The Birmingham News
  • The Anniston Star
  • The Alabama Baptist
  • Pickens County Herald
  • Latino News
  • Clanton Advertiser
  • Cherokee County Herald
  • Brewton Standard
  • Birmingham Times
  • Birmingham Business Journal
  • Baldwin Times
  • Atmore Advance
  • Andalusia Star-News
  • Alexander City Outlook

You can also get a lot of news, insight, and information about the state of Alabama through the various television channels. Some of the television channels broadcasted in Alabama includes the following:

  • WHNT News
  • WBIQ Alabama Public Television
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