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At Movers USA we try our best to provide you, our customers, with the best service and advice. We believe in providing you with the most relevant information so you can best prepare for your upcoming move.

Moving is not always fun, it requires great patience and work, by turning to Movers USA you have given us the honor of handling your move and therefore we will complete the task in the best, most efficient manner. That is a guarantee! See past testimonials.

Please review the following suggestions made by our expert team of movers:

Moving Checklist

As we have mentioned earlier, and as you are probably well aware of by now, moving can become a head ache. Packing up ones belongings into boxes, boxes and more boxes and transporting them to a new location only to spend more hours unpacking boxes, boxes and more boxes is not an ideal activity. However, to help alleviate the anxiety and stress that goes into the act of packing and relocating, we have compiled a list of all the necessary steps one should take prior to moving. This moving checklist will get you organized and focused so you can complete the necessary tasks in the best, most efficient fashion!.

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Moving Tips

Here, at Movers USA, we try our best to go the extra mile, in addition to creating a moving checklist, we also offer ample advice and tips to lighten the process of moving your belongings to your new home or business. Moving is not easy but proper planning ahead will improve the process.To read more of our tips, click here.

  1. Make a list: Write all your home’s contents down. Before you even begin packing, create a simple record tracking system. Either on the computer or by hand, it doesn’t matter. Place a number on every box you pack and record its contents on your list. You’ll thank us for this suggestion when you begin unpacking!
  2. Utilize wardrobe boxes: These tall boxes are ideal for bulky, lightweight items such as blankets, pillows and clothes that need hanging. We do not recommend that you “over stuff” the boxes because eventually they can get heavy. In general do not over pack your boxes, our movers will thank you! We sell all sorts of boxes, check Boxes & Supplies.
  3. Color coordinate: Choose a color for each room in the new home, such as orange for living room, blue for bathroom, etc. When packing, place colored stickers on the box near the box number. Once you arrive to your new home or business, place a matching sticker on the door to each room. This way, the movers will recognize where to put everything when they arrive at the destination. It’s also helpful to post a sign on the wall in the room where you want boxes stacked, (“boxes here please”) to keep them out of furniture and traffic areas.
  4. Make use of your suitcases: Fill luggage and duffle bags with clothing, sheets, towels, and paper goods. Even for local moves you’ll be able to quickly spot your black suitcase holding your linens, whereas “box #100″ might remain hidden for days.
  5. Personalize your boxes: Use brightly colored storage case boxes, one for each person. Let each family member fill theirs with items they’ll want immediately in the new home, for example, a set of sheets, a towel, a couple of extension cords, a phone, nightlights, address book, pens and paper, keys, movies, books, cosmetics, and so on.
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