Law Firm Move

Movers USA keeps Portner & Shure Law Firm in perfect form

Another successful commercial feat for Movers USA: Portner & Shure Law Firm.
The Maryland based law firm turned to Movers USA after hearing stellar reviews from a fellow law firm and requested their services. The busy law firm, open to the public Monday-Friday, sought to relocate their office of 20 lawyers over the weekend, as to not disrupt their workload and interaction with clients.
The relocation project consisted of collecting all the law firm’s documents, furniture and scattered belongings. Since the law firm requested the cumbersome relocation project take place after the firm’s working hours, Movers USA arrived on the scene Friday night and completed the move by Monday morning.
Movers USA’s moving team, which consisted of eight movers, arrived on site and packed the office, the challenges they faced included: collecting all the lawyers folders and papers, insuring they remained in perfect form so when the lawyers arrived to their new office, everything was intact.
“We had to pay attention to all the little things, papers, folders, trays, even more, we had to complete the project in a very short amount of time to fit the law firm’s schedule,” said Gil Ben Shoushan, owner of Movers USA.
In addition to relocating the office’s furniture and various items, Movers USA had to coordinate with a third party to transport all the information technology items, such as the computers, fax machines and copy machines, etc.
“We had to work fast so the IT guys could come in and do their thing fast, they relied on us to get the job done quickly and correctly,” Ben Shoushan said.
Movers USA successfully transported all the law firm’s contents, coordinated their move with a third party IT company, and come Monday morning handed the lawyers a brand new, fully running law firm.