Hannibal Lecter Move

Movers USA transports fire truck body shop

Movers USA caters to hundreds of residents, aiding them in their various relocations, the moving company routinely transports businesses and families across town, across state lines and even across the ocean. Most recently Movers USA was asked to transport a local Maryland family to Dallas, Texas.
The requested move was not like any other residential project, Movers USA was asked to pack the high-end home, carefully wrapping its valuable contents, piece by piece. Since both owners of the home are art and antique collectors, the contents included fragile, eclectic pieces, one of of which struck a chord with the moving team: a wax doll of Dr. Hannibal Lecter.
“We were in the process of sorting through the house’s many odds and ends, when all of a sudden, one of my movers brings over this human looking scary character,” said Gil Ben Shoushan, owner of Movers USA. “We all burst out laughing.”
Ben Shoushan and his team of six movers devised an efficient technique to tackle the large house, they utilized specialized crates to hold all the house’s wrapped, breakable contents.
Following two days of continuous hard labor, where crate after crate after crate was loaded onto Movers USA’s 18-wheeler, Movers USA was ready to take off to the family’s new destination, Dallas.
Movers USA arrived at the new home after 72 hours of continuous travel, the movers immediately began the daunting task of unloading the truck’s contents. The moving team worked nonstop to organize the house and ease the family into their new home.
“Movers USA once again stepped up to the plate, we worked around the clock to pack the house up, drive their belongings across the nation and another day or so to unload the truck and set everything into place,” Ben Shoushan said.
In less than a week, the art lovers and their former Maryland home were relocated to their new chosen location. Dr. Hannibal Lecter and all the collectors’ other prized items, which remained in perfect form, were placed in the family’s desired position around the new home. In no time the family continued their affairs and Movers USA returned to Maryland to continue aiding other families.