Fresh & Green Supermarket Move

Movers USA completes fresh & green supermarket move

One of Movers USA’s most recent grandiose relocation projects entailed moving two Maryland based Green & Fresh Supermarket branches. To properly prepare for the formidable project, Movers USA Founder Gil Ben Shoushan consulted his father, who served as a CEO for a well-known supermarket chain.
“I wanted my father to see what the project entailed, I figured since he worked in the supermarket business for so many years, he would be able to offer some advice,” Ben Shoushan said. “When he saw the amount of goods we had to transport, he was blown away.”
Ben Shoushan and his team of 45 movers worked 12 hour shifts in order to pack up two Green & Fresh branches and transport their contents to four other Green & Fresh branches.
“It was a really challenging project because in addition to transporting all the supermarkets goods, we had to divide the contents equally between all four stores,” Ben Shoushan said.
Another challenge facing the Movers USA team was the continued roaming of supermarket patrons in both the branches. Movers USA movers packed the stores’ contents while customers were walking up and down its aisles.
The movers wrapped every grocery item; by the time they were ready to load the boxes onto the truck, they had 25,000 boxes.
“It was simply an enormous project,” Ben Shoushan said. “In addition we were stressed for time.”
Movers USA miraculously completed the daunting project in three days. The movers packed the stores’ belongings, loaded them onto their trucks and transported each load to its necessary destination, within little time Movers USA presented the supermarket owners fully stocked, running stores.