Ford Theatre Move

Movers USA partakes in history

Movers USA played a part in history when it was called to partake in the renovation of Ford’s Theater. Ford’s Theatre is a historic theatre in Washington, D.C., used for various stage performances beginning in the 1860s. It is also the site of the assassination of U.S. President Abraham Lincoln. In the early 2000s the theater was renovated and in consequence, Movers USA was called to duty.
The contractor of Ford’s Theater renovation project turned to Movers USA after a previous moving company failed to complete the delicate project in a satisfactory manner. Movers USA was asked to remove the theater’s 800 antique, original seats. The Movers USA team, which consisted of 12 movers, quickly tackled the project wrapping the fragile chairs and placing them in custom-made boxes.
“Ford’s Theater was an extremely delicate and valuable project,” said Gill Ben Shoushan, founder of Movers USA. “In actuality we were touching history, it was pretty amazing.”
Movers USA utilized six of their trucks to transport the antique chairs to its climate-controlled, secure storage facility in Baltimore, Maryland. The team of movers completed the transport in two loads and in less than 24 hours. “I have no idea how we managed to complete the mission so quickly, we moved really heavy boxes filled with 800 chairs,” Ben Shoushan said.
The chairs remained in a Movers USA storage facility for nearly two years. Twice a year, Ford’s Theater officials inspected the chairs to verify their condition, Movers USA routinely passed each inspection.
“My team really performed in a fantastic manner, we were able to complete the transport quickly and efficiently delivering the delicate cargo to our storage facility where the chairs remained until Ford’s Theater called,” Ben Shoushan said.