Firetruck Body Shop Move

Movers USA transports fire truck body shop

Movers USA performs both residential and business relocations. Recently, the family-owned moving and storage company was asked to complete a daring move: relocate a Maryland fire truck body shop.
“It was pretty daunting at first, the fire truck shop had thousands and thousands of parts and tools, we had to move everything,” said Movers USA founder Gil Ben Shoushan.
The local fire truck shop carries a full line of Pumpers, Aerials, Rescues, Tankers, Brush Trucks, Hazmat Vehicles, Ambulances, Airport Units, Antiques, Specialty Apparatus, Boats, Skid Units and more. The items vary from colossal vehicles to miniature, lego-sized parts and tools.
The shop’s owner turned to several moving companies asking for estimates, one specific company proposed completing the project in a week with its eight movers. Discouraged with the proposals, the owner, hoping to complete the project in two days, over the weekend, hired Movers USA, confident the family owned company could complete the task in the shortest amount of time.
Movers USA’s team of 12 movers rose to the challenge and started the job Friday evening, they were able to successfully complete the transport and unpack the shop’s contents and office supplies by Saturday evening.
In order to complete the job so quickly, Movers USA constructed specialized shelving carts. “Rather than walk from aisle to aisle wrapping the contents and placing them in boxes, we built these special carts so we simply removed the shelves, wrapped them and placed them on our carts,” Ben Shoushan said. “The specialized shelving carts saved us loads of time and back pain.”
With its creative movers and motivated approach, Movers USA rose to the challenge and surpassed its competitors. The moving team completed the intricate and cumbersome relocation project in the shortest amount of time.