Movers USA Tackles Mother Nature Back-To-Back

The East Coast was impacted by Mother Nature’s one-two strike. From an earthquake, to a hurricane; how Movers USA pushed ahead through these uncertain events.

The end of the summer can be quite a busy time for Movers USA. A large majority of local moves take place during this period, especially towards the end of August before the school year. There are many obstacles to overcome this time of year, but none quite as bizarre and unexpected as this year.

Even through quite an interesting series of events, Movers USA stood firm to provide the best moving service possible. Mother Nature certainly knows how to get in the way of things; however, there is work to be done and houses to be moved!

On August 23rd at 1:51PM ET, the East Coast began to violently shake. A 5.8 magnitude earth quake had struck in Mineral, Virginia. The quake was felt from New England and Canada to parts as far south as the Carolinas. It was a sudden unpleasant incident that left many people quite startled.

Movers USA, located in Baltimore, MD, was fortunate enough to safely evacuate their facility and sustained no significant damage to their building. This will certainly be an event remembered by Americans for years to come. Locals up and down the East Coast now have plenty of stories to tell about the areas unusual event. ”I wasn’t sure what it was at first; I just couldn’t believe the office was actually shaking! It was terrifying when it had happened; it wasn’t until after it was all over that we actually realized it was an earthquake” Movers USA relocation specialist Angelo Stewart recalled. The earthquake was quite an experience for residents. Locals were astonished that such an event could happen there. Unfortunately this was not the end.

Looming in the distance was another threat; one that natives have somewhat been accustomed to over the last decade. This of course being Hurricane Irene. Making landfall at Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, she made way up the Chesapeake Bay. No one wasted time in preparation for the storm. Those who had also experienced the wrath of Hurricane Isabel only a few years back knew to expect the worst. Generators sold like wild fires. Department stores could barely keep bottles of water on their shelves. All food essentials were quick to be sold and difficult to find in the final days approaching the storm.

Irene slowly crawled her way up the east coast. She approached Baltimore, bringing high winds and widespread flooding. Movers USA came across a few issues due to the storm, but nothing too significant. “We had a few trucks take a new route to avoid the storm as much as possible, but we weren’t going to let this storm stop us. We took this as an obstacle that we tackled head on. We did not and will not leave our customers in the dark. We are helping them through this step by step. This is the time when they need us the most.” said Movers USA founder and President Gil Ben Shoushan, who is also the chairman of the Maryland Movers Conference at the MMTA (MD Motor Truck Association).

The most severe part of the storm hit the area at around 10 PM ET. and lasted till about 3AM ET. Thousands of Maryland residents awoke the next morning to no power, downed trees, and a whole lot of debris scattered throughout. Coastal areas also experienced significant flooding due to the surge, as well as, the high amount of rain accumulated throughout the month of August.

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