Movers USA Keeps on Moving Despite Hurricane Sandy

Superstorm sandy slams east coast, leaving floods, fire and darkness as millions find themselves without power. Despite the fact, Movers USA pushed ahead through this uncertain event and provided excellent service as always.

The end of the month can be quite a busy time for Movers USA. A large majority of local moves take place during this period. Rental leases expire, people are moving to new homes, Halloween, Thanksgiving and even Christmas are not that far anymore. There are many obstacles to overcome this time of year, but none quite as unusual and unpredicted as this year.

Over twenty states were in one way or another affected by Hurricane Sandy in the United States. From Florida to New England, with tropical storm force winds stretching far inland and mountain snows in West Virginia. The cyclone brought a destructive storm surge to New York City on the evening of October 29, flooding numerous streets, tunnels and subway lines in Lower Manhattan and other areas of the city and cutting off electricity in many parts of the city and its suburbs. The hurricane is estimated in early calculations to have caused damage of at least $20 billion, destroyed thousands of homes, left millions without electric service, and killed dozens.

Also in Maryland no one wasted time in preparation for the storm. Those who had also experienced the wrath of Hurricane Irene only last year knew to expect the worst. Generators sold like wild fires. Department stores could barely keep bottles of water on their shelves. All food essentials were quick to be sold and difficult to find in the final days approaching the storm. The most severe part of the storm hit the area at around 9:00 PM ET on October 29 and lasted till about 3AM ET. Thousands of Maryland residents awoke the next morning to no power, downed trees, and a whole lot of debris scattered throughout. Coastal areas also experienced significant flooding due to the surge, as well as, the high amount of rain accumulated throughout the month of August.

Movers USA officials have decided that in the interest of their customers and employees safety, they will offer all moves to be rescheduled at a later date – when they feel they recover the storm and feel safe to move. “We did not want to feel like we are putting any of our customers or employees at jeopardy, if we will perform the scheduled moves” Said Movers USA founder and President Gil Ben Shoushan, who is also the former chairman of the Maryland Movers Conference at the MMTA (MD Motor Truck Association). “Nevertheless, we were very pleased to see our employees’ great responsiveness to the situation; they were all ready for work on the next day without any exceptions”

Even through quite an interesting event, Movers USA stood firm to provide the best moving service possible. Mother Nature certainly knows how to get in the way of things; however, there is work to be done and houses to be moved!

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