Innovation by Movers USA: the Two-Stage Move

Movers USA presents a new idea that provides not only a quality move, but increases the speed in which a consumer sells his/her home.

Big changes in the real estate market in recent years have led a lot more people to consider making local moves, as well as long distance moves that they might otherwise not have made. Home owners may find that the ever shifting job market pulls them from one location to the next in a short span of time and on the East Coast this can often be the case, causing big issues for those who had not planned to move before finding out that a job opportunity or issue with their housing arrangement is forcing a change. In these instances, speed is definitely of essence and a moving innovation was needed, a solution where the home owners would be able to speed up the selling process and be on their way to their new location as quickly as possible. In order to facilitate this process, a Maryland moving company named Movers USA decided to step in and offer something truly unique in the industry: a two-stage move that not only minimizes the time the home is on the market but also increases the home owners selling power.

This new solution allows customers to use Movers USA’s storage service for unnecessary clutter items, which allows them to display their home in a more presentable fashion. The move begins with a team of movers sent to the customer’s home well in advance of settling on a new house. The movers will then haul away any items that the customer specifies as unneeded. This may include storage bins, cluttered boxes, unused furniture, etc. These items will be sent to Movers USA’s secured and climate-controlled storage facility until needed on the final move date. Doing away with all of the “junk” in the home will speed up the sale, as well as be more presentable when drawing in new buyers.

By offering such a revolutionary new program to help home owners, Movers USA has definitely created a strong name for itself in the moving industry. Real estate experts have shown that a home which is less cluttered is far more likely to sell and sometimes with far fewer negotiations for a lower price on the part of the buyer. This means that home owners get not only a better selling experience, but a more efficient move that makes their lives a great deal simpler. With so many moves happening recently in and around both Maryland and the Washington DC area, Movers USA knew that offering a common sense approach to moving like this would make a big difference in the lives of those who wanted to experience a move with less stress. After all, home owners have plenty of other aspects of their lives to think about, and handle, whether they happen to be moving or not.

About Movers USA:
Movers USA is one of the most respected and recommended relocation van-line moving companies in the MD, DC, and VA area. More than 65% of Movers USA business is referred by satisfied customers who have moved with the company in the past. As professional movers in MD, Movers USA has a huge fleet of new trucks that can serve any relocation and moving needs. Whichever moving, packing, transport, storage or Moving delivery needs are, Movers USA has highly trained relocation movers teams ready to provide with superior moving service. Movers USA relocation van line is a fully licensed and insured relocating Moving company in MD which offers local moving and interstate moving, residential moving and commercial moving van line services, as well as long and short-term storage in climate-controlled storage facilities.

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