In A Last Minute Maneuver, Movers USA Saved the Day for a Smart Mover That Was About To Have A Bad Moving Experience

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With a busy start to the month of November, Movers USA wanted to share how the company came across one unique moving story and brought it to a happy ending and to send out a message for people looking for a moving company – ‘If It’s Too Good to be True – It Probably Isn’t’
Baltimore, MD (PRWEB) November 14, 2012

Movers USA, a renowned moving company based in Baltimore, MD had a very unique request from a customer just last week and wanted to share the story on what happen to that customer and how they have saved him from a bad moving experience. Before contacting Movers USA, the customer was negotiating with another company and almost fell for their deceptive tactics. While the customer is now happy about making the right decision at the last moment, Movers USA is sharing the story in order to warn other movers against companies that use corrupt and suspicious business practices and tactics.

Movers USA’s spokesperson pointed out that the said customer almost fell victim of one of the most notorious yet commonly used tricks in the industry – the bait and switch trick. Shedding some light over this matter, the spokesperson explained how some moving companies trick and trap their customers for higher prices and low quality services. Some companies inflate the actual charge by 100% to 200% on the moving day. This leaves the customers with no options.

According to the spokesperson, “This is one dirty secret of this trade. First they will lure you in for prices that are unbelievably low. Once you have signed up for their services, they will start adding different costs and charges. Such companies are usually concerned with their own profits and even when you have paid a handsome amount, you will not get the value and satisfaction you deserve.”

The story of Movers USA customer proves the fact that with proper awareness, smart movers can make smart moves. What prompted her to change her decision at the last moment were the unbelievably low rates quoted by the company she first contacted. She got overwhelmed by their quotes on the phone and called them. However, she soon sensed that the company would not stick to their commitment of quality and price.

When she called Movers USA, the other movers were already at her home. Movers USA instructed her on how to get the movers out and acted instantly to help her move out in less time and cost. “One smart move and it all ended well for our customer. Yet, that is not what happens in all the cases and that is why we want to educate movers around the USA.”

The reason why people fall for such tricks is because a majority of people are actually shopping for the best price when looking for a moving and relocation company online. While price is one important factor, it does not always guarantee the value desired by the customers. As a matter of fact, due to deceptive terms and tricks employed by rogue companies in this arena, people looking for the lowest prices end up paying the highest.

In the end, the Movers USA’s spokesperson suggested that there is a dire need to educate the customers and reputable moving companies must step forward in this endeavor. Sharing the most valuable piece of advice, he said, “We are proud to save the day for our customer and now we feel obliged to share the moral of the story with everyone. If it’s too good to be true – it probably isn’t.”

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