Super Movers: Additional Services an Experienced Moving Company Will Offer

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If you are planning a local move in Annapolis Maryland, you have surely discovered what a tedious process it can be. Thankfully, you don’t have to handle it all alone. Obviously, an Annapolis Maryland moving company will be there to help you haul your stuff through this busy city. However, did you know that not all moving companies are the same? Some moving companies offer a variety of services, while others will only haul your stuff. Take some of the stress out of moving by hiring only experienced professionals. Don’t get stuck with Joe Schmoe and his van. If you’re planning a local move in Annapolis Maryland, make sure you know about these additional services that a good moving company should offer:


One of the most common moving problems is timing. You need to leave your current home on Friday, but can’t move into your new Annapolis Maryland home until Monday. You could hire your moving company to move your furniture and boxes to a storage unit for two days and then pick it up again, but that’s costly. Many moving companies offer storage services for just this reason. If it’s a short period, they may just be able to leave it in their secured truck; otherwise, many moving companies have separate storage facilities.

Packing Supplies

In a fast-paced world, we’re often forced to move without much notice. It may not be easy to collect the hundreds of boxes and packing material we need in time around Annapolis Maryland. A professional moving company should be able to supply you with fairly priced packing materials. This includes specialized packing materials as well.

Packing and Unpacking Services

Many movers scoff at the thought of packing and unpacking. After all, it takes a lot of time and care. However, many moving companies are more than happy to help you pack and unpack your stuff in your new Annapolis Maryland home. Many companies have professional packers; seeing as it’s their job, they know exactly how to pack your stuff efficiently and safely.

Specialized Items: Disassembly and Reassembly

Not only should a good moving company have experience moving specialized and delicate items, but they should know how to assemble and disassemble them as well. Some of the most common items that moving companies specialize in are pool tables, fine art, and grandfather clocks. If your movers are not specifically trained on moving these items, you may want to hire someone else. Because these items are risky to handle, a reliable Annapolis Maryland moving company should be willing to admit their professional limitations.

Piano Moving

It’s safe to say that pianos are the heaviest objects, that movers will ever find in a residential home. If that isn’t bad enough, they’re probably the most expensive and fragile items as well. Moving a piano without damaging the legs or international mechanisms takes serious skill. One wrong move and it could never sound the same. If a moving company is confident enough to move a piano, there’s not much they can’t handle.


Moving is chaotic. Life, work, and family do not stop just because you need to move. Sometimes, families may find themselves spread through Annapolis Maryland on moving day. If you don’t have access to your car for whatever reason, your moving company should be able to offer a shuttle service to and from your new and old home.

Multiple Pick-Ups

Even though Annapolis Maryland is a small town, homes are small and many people are forced to utilize storage units. Or perhaps you’re a couple moving in together for the first time and are combining your stuff. Either way, moving companies should be able to offer same day pick-ups at different locations. Additionally, the moving company should be able to drop stuff off at multiple locations without leaving some things in the wrong place.

Keeping Your Home Clean

Believe it or not, moving is a dirty process. First, the movers will be constantly walking in and out of your new and old home. It’s virtually impossible for them to remove their shoes every time. Therefore, a good moving company will be mindful and put down plastic protector everywhere they plan on walking. Second, moving creates a lot of debris. Packing beads, cardboard pieces, foam protectors, and tape can get everywhere. A good moving company will pick up all the debris and leave your old and new homes looking like they were never there.


While they won’t personally insure your items, a good moving company should have an existing relationship with an insurance company. They should be able to provide you with a great deal on insurance in case your items are damaged during delivery. This doesn’t just mean damage from the movers, but from car accidents or weather damage as well. A good insurance policy will help both you and the moving company in the end.

Guaranteed Pricing

This service has more to do with the preparation of the moving company. A good moving company will properly plan out the move and include all pricing variables before they begin hauling. If they arrive at your new Annapolis Maryland home and charge you more because you live on the fifth floor, you know they did not properly prepare. A good moving company will guarantee your price, regardless of any factors they missed.

The number of additional services offered by a moving company says a lot about their professionalism and experience. Many Annapolis Maryland moving companies offer these additional services to their customers and have been for years. If you’re planning a move in Annapolis Maryland, make sure that your moving company of choice is well equipped to handle various situations and take their profession seriously. Otherwise, you may end up with inexperienced movers. Happy moving!

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