In With the New: The Things You Should Really Toss Before a Move

Nobody likes to throw away their things. But you can’t keep your stuff forever and a move is a perfect opportunity to replace your old stuff. A move symbolizes a fresh start, a new life, and a new you. If you plan on moving in McLean Virginia, make sure you don’t pack any unnecessary stuff; there’s a lot that can be thrown away. This will not only de-clutter your life, but will make the process of packing and moving a whole lot cheaper and easier. Before you begin packing for your McLean Virginia move, make sure you follow these simple tips. Your moving company will thank you!

Questions to Ask Yourself

When you are packing for a move, you need to be hypercritical of everything you own. Before you pack it, ask yourself these simple questions:

  • Where would this go in my new home? If you can’t picture a place for it in your new home, don’t bring it. There is no need to pay for your moving company haul something that is going to sit in your basement.
  • was the last time I used this? If you haven’t used it in months, what makes you think you’re going to use it after you move?
  • I get another? For example, you probably use salt all the time. But it won’t be hard to get another container, believe us. If it’s cheap and easily replaceable, why bother?
  • Does it really have sentimental value? Some things from your past are worth keeping because they bring back good memories. But those memories have to be weighed against the size of the item and its actual sentimental value. Sometimes we keep things just because they’re old, not because they actually mean something.
  • Does it add anything of value? We tend to gather decorations over the years without throwing away old ones. If it doesn’t do anything besides look nice, do you really need to bring it along? Plus, you might not want your new home to be decorated the same as your new one.
  • Is it worth selling? Just because you’re going to get rid of something doesn’t mean you have to throw it away. If you are tempted to keep expensive items just because they’re expensive, consider selling them instead.

These are questions you should be asking before you pack up every item. However, if you are having a hard time finding things to actually throw away, check out these tips:


  • Clothing: If you don’t wear it, throw it away. This is the most cliché suggestion, but everyone keeps bringing it back up because people never listen! Seriously, toss it! You won’t even miss it.
  • Shoes: Perhaps even more than clothes, many people love to hold on to shoes they never wear. They’re very heavy for their size and don’t pack well. If you haven’t worn them in a few months, toss them out.
  • Linens: Bed linens can be easily thrown away. While they’re not hard to ship, moving is a perfect excuse to buy new ones. While a good pair of bed sheets can last some time, new ones will be softer and give you a better night sleep.
  • Pillows: Unless you have an expensive pillow made out of some special material, toss it. Pillows should be replaced every so often regardless.
  • Books: Movers hate moving books, and for good reason: they are heavy! If you don’t plan on reading it again, donate it to GoodWill.
  • Your Kid’s Toys: Just kidding, don’t touch those.


  • Kitchenware: Everyone has mismatched plates and bowls. Start over new in your new home and for once in your life have kitchenware that is all the same color. It will make moving and packing a lot easier too.
  • Small Appliances: That coffee pot you’ve had since college? Believe it or not, coffee tastes better out of a pot that doesn’t have years of residue on it. Many small appliances, such as toasters, are hard to clean, don’t last long, and can be readily replaced online.
  • Food and Spices: We all have ketchup or relish that has been sitting in the back of the fridge for months. Throw it away already! Because spices can last for years, many people tend to have dozens of varieties that they rarely use. But is a $1.99 container of dried oregano really worth packing and moving to your new McLean Virginia home?


  • Towels: Towels are another household item that should be replaced every few years. They’re cheap and moving presents a perfect opportunity to start a new bathroom theme with matching towels.
  • Bathroom Supplies: Happy Holidays to you and your children, here’s a bathroom gift set of a brand you don’t use that will sit in your drawer for years! Throw it away or donate it.
  • Perfume: Do you have bottles of perfume that are years old and still full? Even if they’re expensive, if you didn’t like the smell last month, you’re probably not going to like the smell next month either.

Decorate Your New Home From the Ground Up in McLean Virginia

Whether it’s a souvenir you bought during that trip three years ago or a statute of a cat your friend gave you, it doesn’t all have to come with you to your new home. Your new McLean Virginia home presents an opportunity for you to start fresh and decorate your home how you want it. Start now by using these tips to declutter your life and make your move a whole lot easier. You will thank yourself for doing that!

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