How To Move While Pregnant – Without Losing Your Mind

Moving is a stressful experience at the best of times – and moving while pregnant adds another layer of stress, disorder, and complications to the whole ordeal, especially if you’re late in your pregnancy.

However, moving while pregnant doesn’t have to be a nightmare – you can keep yourself sane, keep your baby healthy, and keep yourself from stressing too much about the details by following some simple steps, as laid out below. Read on.

Organize, Organize, Organize

Organization is the cornerstone of every good move, and that’s equally true when you’re expecting. Procrastination will get you nowhere – the longer you have to plan and organize, the more stress-free the experience will be.

Make a (realistic!) list of what has to be done before you move. Are there places you could pack up now? Should you start looking for a moving service? Are you going to need the help of friends or family?

By creating a realistic, well-organized list of deadlines, tasks, and other important information, you can get a good idea of the progression of your move, and you can decompress and know that everything is under control, and will be finished on time.

Start Packing Early

Start by packing up everything you don’t need or rarely use – stuff in the basement, storage closets, wherever it might be. By packing it up and stashing it away, you can know that it’s ready to move whenever you need it to be.

You can also use this time to discard junk and useless stuff, if you happen to find things that you’d like to get rid of.

You should also consider packing up rooms that are constantly used – even offices, kitchens, etc. a couple weeks in advance. It may be a bit of a burden not being able to use your kitchen, but when moving day comes and you just have to pack up your sheets and toiletries, you’ll appreciate it.

Label Everything

Remembering where everything came from – and where it’s going – is tough enough when you don’t have “pregnancy brain”. So don’t leave the destination rooms of your boxes up to chance – or your frazzled brain.

Label everything. Label each box with the contents of the box, the room that it came out of, and the room that it’s meant to go to when you finally move.

By doing so, you can ease the process of unboxing and unloading your stuff and getting it all in place, which you’ll be very thankful for whether your child is still on the way, or has already arrived by the time you move.

Ask For Help – Or Hire It

You shouldn’t be doing heavy lifting. You know that, your doctor knows that, and the neighbors probably know that. Do what’s best for your baby. Don’t be proud – be willing to accept help from friends, family, or even neighbors.

You can probably pack up most of the small stuff yourself, but you shouldn’t be hauling boxes full of heavy objects around the house – that’s a sure way to get yourself hurt, or take yourself out of commission entirely for the rest of the move.

Let your more able-bodied loved ones move heavy stuff – or hire professional movers. Professional moves are a great choice for a family that’s expecting – they can take care of just about everything, including packing up rooms in your house, if necessary.

The expertise and convenience of professional movers makes them a fantastic choice if you’re short on time and need to get your move done quickly.

Get The Details On Your New Neighborhood

You’ll want to be able to continue your daily routine once you’ve moved. Do some research on coffee shops, grocery stores, gyms, restaurants, walking trails, support groups, group fitness classes for pregnant women – whatever you like to do where you live now.

By scoping out the best places to continue your routine when you move, you’ll be able to resume a normal life more quickly, reducing stress and allowing you to focus on taking care of your unborn child.

Find A Doctor Recommended By Your Previous Healthcare Provider

This isn’t a problem if you’re moving locally, but a longer-distance move will usually require you to start seeing another doctor. Get a recommendation from your previous health care provider – doing so will allow easy transfer of charts, data, and information about you and your child to your new prenatal physician.

Contact your recommended physician well in advance of the move, and ensure that they have already received the information that they need to provide you with top-quality medical care.

Get The Nursery Ready To Go

Make sure you’ve got easy access to everything you need to get your baby’s nursery ready. These should be your first priority when moving – whether or not the baby has arrived, unpack and get the nursery ready.

You’ll be able to rest easy, knowing that your baby’s needs can be taken care of easily, whenever he or she decides to arrive.

Take Care Of Yourself

Seriously. Moving is hard, and moving while pregnant is a huge challenge. There’s nothing wrong with taking a break, relaxing, and putting it out of your mind for a while. Lose yourself in a relaxing massage, watch some episodes of your favorite TV show, go to a restaurant you haven’t been to in a while – just make sure that you take care of yourself, and meet your (and your growing baby’s) needs.

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