How to Avoid Surprise Charges When Moving: Watch Out for These 5 Hidden Fees

Movers USA
While most reputable moving companies are transparent about their pricing and fees, there are some hidden fees that some movers may charge. These sometimes include:

Stair fees

Some movers may charge an additional fee if there are stairs involved in the move, especially if they have to carry heavy items up or down several flights of stairs.

Long carry fees

If the moving truck has to park far away from your home or apartment, some movers may charge a long carry fee for carrying your items a long distance from the truck to your home.

Shuttle fees

If the moving truck can't access your home due to narrow streets, low bridges, or other obstacles, the moving company may need to use a smaller shuttle truck to transport your items to and from the main truck. This can result in additional fees.

Fuel surcharges

Some moving companies may charge a fuel surcharge if the price of gas exceeds a certain amount. This fee can vary depending on the distance of the move and the size of the moving truck.

Insurance fees

While most moving companies offer insurance to protect your belongings during the move, some may charge an additional fee for this service. Be sure to ask about insurance coverage and any associated fees before choosing a moving company.