Vintage Arcade Move Walkersville to Bethesda

Vintage Arcade Move Walkersville to Bethesda
Movers USA: A Winning Game for My Vintage Arcade Collection!

As a collector of vintage arcade games and pinball machines, I was dreading the move from Walkersville to Bethesda, Maryland. My collection of vintage machines, lovingly acquired and painstakingly maintained, needed to be handled with extreme care. Enter Movers USA, my knights in shining armor.

Every member of the Movers USA team showed exceptional dedication and professionalism throughout the move. They painstakingly wrapped each arcade machine in custom covers, ensuring every part of each piece was secured. They even took additional time to safely pack the more delicate components of the pinball machines.

The highlight for me was the reassurance and confidence the Movers USA team provided. They clearly explained each step of the move, always respecting and understanding the value of my vintage collection.

I am overjoyed to report that my arcade collection was transported without a scratch! In my new basement in Bethesda, the games are already up and running, thanks to the meticulous work of Movers USA.

So, if you are moving a valuable and delicate collection, I cannot recommend Movers USA enough. They turned a potential nightmare into a stress-free experience.

Margaret Thompson