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5 Ways Moving Can Benefit Your Mental Health

For most of us, moving can be stressful, frustrating, and boring – but did you know that moving can actually benefit your mental health? Here are five ways that moving can positively influence your mental state, and add to your well-being.

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4 Simple Moving Tips For First-Time Homeowners

Do I need to buy a fridge? How much should I spend on a moving company? Do I have enough space for all my stuff? First time homeowners have a lot of questions about the process of moving in Owings Mills, MD – and our article with 4 simple moving tips for first-time homeowners can provide you with answers.

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Moving Quick Tips – Who You Should Notify Before You Move

Did you tell your doctor you were moving? The new school district? The cable company? Moving can be a hassle – and remembering who you need to inform about your new address can be quite difficult. In this article, we’ll take a quick look at everyone you should inform about your new location – letting you focus on moving, and giving you a comprehensive, easy-to-follow checklist.

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The Biggest Fears Moms Have About Moving – And How To Deal With Them

Moving is a natural part of starting a family. Whether you have a two-month old or a five-year-old, you’ll eventually need to find a place to settle down. But moving can cause some serious anxiety and fear in parents – especially moms. Check out our article to see how moms can deal with the most common moving fears, and concentrate on starting their new lives – fear-free.

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How to Protect Furniture Going into Storage

It’s always best to be prepared prior to facing a difficult task. Storing away prized possessions and furniture in a storage space when moving is one of these tasks. It can be tedious work, but can be very detrimental to your belongings if you don’t take good care to ensure they are well taken care of. You want to make sure that your belongings are safe and secure when you return back to it. Help yourself by understanding several important points when storing your belongings in storage space when relocating.

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After you and your family completed your relocation, celebrate. Order in a pizza and pop open a bottle of wine for you and your spouse. Moving is not easy, you deserve to relax in your new home.

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Tipping the Movers

The general rule of thumb regarding tipping the movers is 15%-20% of the total cost of the move. The tip can be added to the credit card bill, or you can pay it in cash to the team captain who will then distribute it amongst the members of the team.

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