Why Use Our Full Service Storage

Pack Turtle not only makes it easy to store small household items and valuables, but also provides customers with the option to safely put away larger items such as furniture and antique pieces using our state of the art full service storage facility. Our full service storage offers customers many advantages as compared to traditional packaging services.


Our Full Service Storage System Works

Worried about your valuable furniture being misplaced or damaged? Fear not, as Pack Turtle’s top of the line full service storage system takes care of everything. We have outlined the main reasons why you should consider Pack Turtle for your storage needs.



As soon as you request our services, Pack Turtle sends in a storage truck to help move the heavy items to our facility. After the items have been packaged, they are stored within protective vaults for as long as you want. At your call, the items are loaded onto our hauling trucks and are now on their way to your destination point. For even more convenience, we can transport the entire vaults to the drop-off point, where they can be unloaded right in front of your eyes.

Be it days, months or even decades, you can be sure that your items would be delivered to you in exactly the same condition that they were picked up. If you are planning on short-term storage, however, we would recommend our storage trailer service, where we offer even more competitive rates on a day to day basis.


Peace of Mind

With Pack Turtle, you never need to worry about your valuables being misplaced. Each of the items is stored in individually numbered vaults. To ensure accurate bookkeeping, we record the minutest of details, including the time of pickup, condition of the item and dimensions among other things. All of this is recorded on a manifest that includes both digital and physical records.


Proper Packaging and Storing

Here comes the hard part; packing and storing the items in an adequate manner. The reason why we emphasize so much on packaging properly is that many independent storage facilities fail to take into account how specific materials deteriorate overtime. For example, a wooden antique piece is susceptible to termite infestations, while an iron coated memorabilia would be vulnerable to rust. Therefore, we examine each and every item that comes into our storage facility and package them accordingly.

After the adequate preventative measures are taken, the items are wrapped in full sized cloth pads andstored into huge numbered vaults. For softer fabric items such as sofas or recliners, we first wrap them in a clean cloth, after which they are reinforced with a stretchable plastic wrap to prevent them from any pressure dents.

Don’t have enough space in your house for all the furniture? Planning to make a big move in the coming days? No need to fret, as Pack Turtle is here for all your storage needs! No matter what the item, we make sure that they are packed and stored in the best possible manner.

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