Where to Get Moving Boxes

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Moving can turn out to be much more expensive than you think. One of the most common problems that people come across while planning a move is finding moving boxes. If you decide to buy new boxes for all your belongings, you will end up spending quite a lot of money on just boxes. You can save up a lot of money by getting used boxes from different places to pack your belongings. Only for extremely fragile items, you can get special boxes from professional moving companies, if you think it is necessary. Here is a list of few places in Annapolis where you can easily find moving boxes to pack up your things:

Ask Around

The very first place to look for boxes is to ask your friends, family or neighbors. People sometimes receive gifts shipped in boxes and they save the boxes. Also, anybody who has recently moved into your neighborhood will likely have their own moving boxes which they will be trying to dispose of. These people can easily provide you with a substantial number of boxes.

Retail Stores

Another major stop for you is retail stores. Be it large supermarkets like Wal-Mart or a small convenience store in your area all around Maryland (MD), they all receive regular shipments for products and don’t need the boxes. You can ask them to save these boxes for you and you can pick them up at a convenient time. Fruit boxes, especially apple and potato boxes, are extremely sturdy.

Liquor and Book Stores

While people usually think about retailers as supermarkets, there are two other retail shops that can be helpful. Liquor stores can provide you with very strong boxes with lids. Since their product shipment is quite fragile and heavy, these boxes are extremely useful for packing delicate items. Getting these boxes is not difficult since the owners don’t need them anymore.
To pack your books, it is best to get some packing boxes from book stores. Since these stores receive heavy shipments, there boxes are also sturdy and perfect to move your books. You can easily find a number of book stores in Annapolis who can provide you with boxes.


You can also ask for boxes from local bistros, cafes and restaurants in your area to provide you with boxes. Depending on their shipment, they have boxes of different sizes available which can be quite useful for you.

Office Buildings

Many offices around MD order supplies or equipment such as computers, stationery and printing papers on a regular basis and throw away the boxes in the trash. You can either ask someone in an office building to save the boxes for you or you can look for empty boxes in the recycling area.

Apartment Complexes

As with the offices, the trash of apartment buildings also have a lot of empty moving boxes since people move in and out of apartments regularly. You can check their trash area to pick up different-sized boxes that are usable.

Craigslist and Other Websites

You can also find free or low-priced used boxes available for sale on different websites depending on where you live in MD. Craigslist is one of the best places to buy boxes made available by people who have recently moved and want to get rid of their boxes. Other websites like Boomerang Boxes allow you to purchase boxes which you can then sell back to them after you have moved.

If you can save up on the cost of purchasing new boxes for your move, it will be very beneficial for you since moving expenses have a tendency to go much higher than the initial estimate. It is one of the best ways to stay within your budget. And remember to get more boxes than you think you will need because you will likely discover that you have more stuff in your house than you think.

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