Ways to Save Costs on an Out of State Move

Are you moving in another town or state? Long distance moves can be very expensive and strain your budget. How do you deal with this? Trim down the costs and save as much as you can in all sorts of ways. All along remember that saving even a few dollars is going to serve your purpose.

Here are some strategies that can help you save; combine the effects of each one and you will enjoy a significant reduction in costs.

Plan out the move well

The single trick to an efficient and affordable move is a well-defined plan. Divide your move in three distinct phases: packing, travelling and setting up the new place. Figure out the details of each phase, and accordingly formulate a plan, and make sure you abide by it.

For instance, decide want you what you want to take with you wand what you are going to leave behind. You should also arrange for things like air tickets, hotel accommodation or anything else that may be required for the journey.

Estimate a budget

Once you have drafted out a plan, estimate a budget of each phase. Factor in all the associated costs such as fees of a moving company, travelling charges, costs of packing supplies and so on. Now create an Excel sheet in which you mention your estimated expenses. As you start spending, also mention the actual expenses in another column.

While planning out your budget, factor in even the smallest of costs so that no differences arise later on.

Keep a track of your expenses, and make sure you do not overspend in any area.

Get rid of the junk

Go through all your belongings and sort them out into three different piles: the ones you are going to take with you, the ones you do not use but are in good condition and the ones that are in poor condition. Pack up the first pile and throw off the third one. As for the second one, sell all of these things. The earned income, though small, will do you good.

By the way, try to take the least amount of things with you. The more you pack and the more boxes you load, the greater the moving companies will charge you. As a rule of the thumb, if you have not used anything in the past six months, just do not take with with you. Chances are you probably will not need it even later on.

Take a special note of small expenses

Even the smallest of expenses can accumulate into significant costs. Keep a track of all of these, and try to avoid as many of them as possible. And make sure you use up all of your food supplies and do not buy them in large quantities, especially in the last few days.

Take help

If any of your friends or family has moved in the past, take their help. They may be able too provide you with free supplies and even help you pack.

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