Using A Full Service Moving Company Storage

Congratulations on making the decision of hiring a full service moving company! For most movers, entrusting a third party with the safe storage of these belongings is the primary cause of concern. It may of course be relatively more costly. But is it worth the cost? More importantly, will your belongings be safe? Let’s review how full service moving companies will take care of your stuff and ensure its security.

1. Your Stuff Is Packed To Endure the Worst

Professional movers are accustomed to packing furniture or fragile stuff on a daily basis. They may do it faster and more efficiently than you may. Your movers make certain that all your belongings are packed to tolerate shifting or a bumpy ride.

Fragile goods will be bubble wrapped and placed in sturdy boxes, and the furniture will be wrapped in blankets and protected in moving pads. During the storage, the vaults are not overstuffed, but instead filled to an optimum level to protect against damage.

2. Under Constant Surveillance

These facilities, owned by the moving company are equipped with top notch surveillance and alarms that are built to keep your personal effects safe. Your belongings are placed in vaults that are under lock and key and constantly guarded by a professional team.

3. Insurance That Your Belongings Will Be Safe

The responsibility to pack, store, deliver, unpack and even place your stuff is now your movers. Your movers are legally bound to protect your goods, or else pay for the damages once you’ve signed a contract with them.

4. Protection against External Factors

The storage vault of these facilities is strategically designed to protect your belongings. Like your clothes or electronics, your furniture also must be kept under a controlled environment to protect it against humidity that may lead to warped or stained wood. Therefore, your furniture is placed in a climate controlled environment, sealed from external atmosphere so as to reduce the pressure on the furniture.

5. A Sanitized Facility

The storage facility maintains and adheres to strict sanitary policies. The warehouse is protected from fire. Pest control measures are employed against insects and bugs. To keep dust off your stuff, the facility is cleaned regularly. All of these actions are imperative to ensure that your belongings are maintained in a pristine state during the period of its storage.

6. Check and Balance

Moving can be overwhelming with the excess of packages and boxes. Your professional movers will catalog and keep track of all the belongings in a systematic and organized manner. This will take place from the point of packaging, with boxes and cartons labeled and cataloged to the point of delivery and unloading.

7. No Long Term Contracts

The storage of your belongings may be expensive, depending on the nature of your stuff. This is the reason why full service movers will provide you with options of overnight, short term or long term storage. This flexibility allows you to pay on need basis, in case your moving plans are delayed due to some unforeseen occurrence.

Ultimately the role of full service movers is quite a significant one, and does put aside many reservations that one might’ve had about the cost or security of their belongings.

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