Tips on How to Help your Teens Start a New School Year While Moving

Teenage years are generally confusing for most teens and can be exasperating for parents as well. Teens begin really voicing themselves and develop their personalities during this period of time. Hormonal, physical, and emotional changes with the combination of moving can be especially stressful for teens.

Moving can also be challenging for teens because they have to face leaving their friends behind, face new teachers, adjust to a new school, make new friends, and cope with a new environment. Teens can take up resentment towards a number of things during this transition. However, a parent can try the following tips in order to help their teen through this process.

Involve Your Teen in the Decision Process

A lot of teenagers grow covert bitterness because they feel that the move is being forced upon them. It is highly advisable that both parents present the move to their teens in a sales pitch manner. Present the teens with honest and forthright reasons for the move, discuss how the move would be beneficial for them and the family, and ensure them that they will stay in touch with their friends.

Having open communication throughout the move is extremely beneficial. This would allow for the teens to express their concerns and fears, which parents may then address.

Be Encouraging

Parents need to have a positive and encouraging approach with their teens during and after the move. Although cliché, inform teens about personal experiences and the subsequent changes. This is great because it also helps parents recall some of the anxieties they faced and how they dealt with them.

Talk to the teens after their first day of school, ask them about what school was like and find out how they feel.

It is essential for parents to maintain an encouraging vibe by being supportive and accessible to their teens.

Get Teens Involved in Their New School

Help your teens connect with likeminded teenagers by getting them involved in sports, activities, groups, or clubs that they were involved in while they were still in their previous school.  Also, encourage them to try out new sports or activities that might not have been available to them in the past.

Being social is an important part of your teen’s development. Also, having friends helps them adjust to their new school.

Give Your Teens Time

It is important not to be judgmental and controlling as a parent during and after a move. Teenagers need personal space and time for them to grow into their new environments. Most kids aren’t as social and it may take them a little bit longer to make friends. Consult a physiatrist if the teen does not show any signs of being social six months after the move.

Help Them Stay in Touch

Parents need to help and ensure that teens keep in touch with old friends and classmates from their prior school. Teenagers find comfort with familiar relationships, help them maintain them because they can potentially assist them make friends in their new school.

This is most important for teens that have been moved to different schools in the same city.

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