Tips for an Interstate Move

While moving can be a difficult time for people, moving interstate can be a much more daunting experience than moving in the same state. There are so many adjustments that need to be made. There are differences in legal laws, climatic structures, and communities that can be hard to adjust to in the beginning. Interstate moving is extremely difficult for kids, especially since the change of environment can unsettle them.
If you are planning an interstate move, you also need to be much more careful in selecting your moving options and assess different moving companies more closely.
Here are some things you should consider while making an interstate move:

Do Your Research Properly

The first thing you need to do is to research as much as possible about the state laws, weather, environment, and culture to prepare yourself for the change beforehand. State laws specifically should be studied in advance, most importantly the traffic laws in order to avoid any inconvenience.

Select the Movers Carefully

When you are planning an intestate move, it is advisable that you hire professional moving companies to transport your belongings rather than driving a rental truck yourself. On long routes, driving a huge truck that is not yours can be dangerous since you may not have any experience.
Moreover, there are many other things to handle in an interstate move and handling your move single handedly can be quite hectic. However, interstate moving companies should be researched much more carefully.
You should only select companies that are properly registered and have a valid USDOT number, which is essential for interstate movers and they should provide the appropriate insurance package to you. You should also check their previous safety record to track any unpleasant incidents that may point towards fraudulent practice that you may fall victim to.

Get Written Agreements

During an interstate move, it is very important to get all the estimates and agreements with moving companies in written. You should also ask your movers to provide you with an inventory list, an order of service, and a bill of landing.


If you are planning to take your pets with you, it is essential to get approval of your pets from your new state domicile. You should also arrange an appropriate way to transport your pets since most moving companies don’t allow pets on moving trucks.

Get Referrals

During interstate move, it is necessary to ask your physician to refer you to someone in the new state and transfer all your medical history to them. Also, get all your prescriptions transferred accordingly.


For an interstate move, you will be required to inform your bank of the change in address. Inform your current bank and people who deal with you through your account about the change well before time.

Keep in Contact

During an interstate move, it is very important to stay in constant contact with the moving companies at all times. Make sure that you provide them with as many details as possible and more than one contact numbers where they can contact you.

Decide on Your Own Travel Medium

You also need to decide on how you are planning to reach the new state yourself. You can either drive or fly to your destination. You will also need to take certain things with you that moving companies do not carry such as cash and jewelry. You will also need to inform your movers if you are planning to fly in case they might need to contact you.
Try to keep your interstate move as stress-free as possible. Since adjusting to the new environment can be a problem in itself, keeping yourself relaxed is very important.

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