Should I Hire a Professional Mover or Do It Myself?

Moving is a stressful and exhausting process that takes time and efforts on your part. Hire a moving company, and the job can be simplified. Good enough, right? For some of you, it maybe; for others, not really because there are costs incurred which can be quite a lot at times. So is the hassle worth it or should you pay a price and enjoy a smooth moving process? Let us evaluate both the cases so that you can easily make a decision.

Compare the costs

So you think moving on your own is cheaper? Do not jump to any conclusions, and before you make any assumptions, perform a thorough analysis. Compare the costs involved in both the cases and only then make a decision.

Generally, a moving company charges hourly rates depending on the weight of your items and the distance you are planning to move. Some companies may also charge a flat rate. Whatever the case is, the offered rates cover everything such as transportation, insurance, gas, packing materials and so on.

Now if you are to move yourself, then also you have to face some costs. You will require a rental truck for transporting your belongings and you will need boxes to pack all the materials. Add up all these costs and compare it with the quotes you receive from a moving company.

Is a do-it-yourself move really that great an idea?

Truth be told, the costs of a do-it-yourself move is almost always less than the ones incurred with a moving company if you are moving just across a few blocks or round the corner. However, costs are not the only thing that you should consider. When you move yourself, you have to deal with a lot of other things such as physical stress, inconvenience and risks? What if you get injured while moving heavy items or what if you lose grip on the boxes and your belongings get damaged?

Should you get injured, your move will probably be delayed or become more difficult, and if your belongings get damaged, that would just increase your costs. If you insure your things, that also adds up to your costs. Hire a moving company and you will be able to avoid all of this. They are more experienced than you are and can easily tackle all these things. Yes, you may have to pay them fancy amounts, but think again, and you will find this to be a better option when you realize the risks associated with moving yourself.

Consider the third option

A moving company can charge excessively, particularly if it has a reputed name in the industry or if you are moving long distances. Well, you can actually bring down all of these costs if you do some of the work yourself and leave the rest to them. For instance, you can pack things such as clothes and books by yourself and let the moving company deal with the rest. Similarly, if you move towards the end of the month, you will have to pay lesser charges.

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