Safe Lifting Techniques from a Professional Mover in Washington, DC

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Moving in Washington, DC, with all the items can be an intimidating task. There is always the risk of an item getting lost or damaged. However, a major risk is of the lifter sustaining any injury. It is very important to be careful so that both, the goods and the movers/lifters can remain safe.

Given below are a few simple tips that will help you take care of your body while carefully moving the items.

Taking Care of Yourself

As per certain reports, most work (moving companies) injuries in Washington, DC, either result from a bad grip (item slipping away) or lifting heavy weight. Both these pointers have to be taken care of to ensure safety.

Firstly, make sure you always have a good grip on the item. You should wear gloves so that the hands do not get slippery. Try to hold the box or the item from a corner that gives good support so that you can easily.

In addition to this, you should also use a proper posture when lifting weight. Several people bend too much when lifting, which is a big mistake. It is very vital to uphold the right poster to keep away from injuries. Remember these few easy tips:

  • Keep the load closer to your body
  • Use both hands to lift the weight
  • Do not bend too much
  • If you need to bend any more, then properly lower down and then adjust. You can always put the box at a higher level first before lifting it.
  • Grip the item properly adapting a stable position
  • Don’t twist and move smoothly
  • Keep your head up and don’t bend any further than you can

In addition to this, try to get your holds on special straps and tools available in the market. They are specially designed to minimize the effort and maximize the output while keeping the lifter safe.

Taking Care of the Items

All items, big or small, are prone to damages. This is why it is important to be careful in your approach and make sure that everything reaches its destination safe and sound. Firstly, make sure you do not test your limits, and avoid lifting things that are too heavy. If something looks too heavy then it is a good idea to seek help from someone, as the thing may slip off and get damaged.

In addition to this, take proper care and mark all the items properly. If there are delicate items in a box, they should be sealed properly and marked “fragile” so that the mover takes proper care. Quite often than not, negligence is the sole reason for the trouble. This is why it is important to be careful.

If you follow these simple guidelines you will surely be able to finish the job without causing any damage to your body or the items. Always keep these tips in the back of your head so that there are no problems.


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