Safe Lifting Techniques from a Professional Mover in Annapolis, MD

Moving in Annapolis, MD, with all the items can be a daunting task. People often complain of losing items or causing damage to their body during the process. It is very important to be careful so that one can have a safe move.
However, at the same time it is important to keep the items safe too as one cannot afford to lose anything. For the safety of both, your body and your items, given below are a few simple techniques from a professional mover in Annapolis, MD:

Taking Care of the Items

It is important to be sure that the items reach the destination safe and sound. For this, one must choose the boxes carefully. All the boxes must be of the right size (i.e.: big enough to fit the item and small enough to be lifted properly). It should also be remembered that not every item needs a box. Some items can be easily moved without them having to put in a box. This is a job that should be left to the movers as they are experienced and know how to pack the boxes correctly. This is why it is important to find movers that offer this service.
In addition to this, make sure that all the boxes are properly sealed and no item is coming out. Do not try to forcefully put something in a box if it does not fit in. Also, make sure that you take special care of small items. Always put them in a small box first before putting in the box so that they do not get lost.
It is important for both the safety of the item/box and the person lifting it.

Taking Care of Yourself

It is very important to take care of your body. Most work injuries result from lifting weight. Remember one golden rule – never test your limits. If something is too heavy then it probably is. Do not try lifting it if you think you cannot lift it.
Secondly, make sure your posture is correct whenever you lift something (light or heavy). It is very important to maintain the right poster to avoid injuries. Remember these few simple tips:

  • Keep the load closer to your body
  • Do not bend too much
  • Use both hands to lift the weight
  • Grip the item properly adapting a stable position
  • Keep your head up and don’t bend any further than you can
  • Don’t twist and move smoothly
  • If you need to bend any more, then properly lower down and then adjust. You can always put the box at a higher level first before lifting it.

These are the tips from a professional mover who deals in moving items in Annapolis, MD. These tips have been tried and tested. Make sure you remember them all whenever the time to move your good arrives. It is very important to ensure the safety of your items and your body.

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