Professional Lifting Tricks from a Maryland Professional Mover

If you are a professional mover or someone who wants to start this brewing business in Cockeysville or other Maryland city, then you have landed on the right page. One of the most important things that professional movers in MD need to know is taking care of the items that are to be delivered while ensuring the safety of the lifer.

The tricks and technique they use make all the difference. It is important to pay attention to every detail so that the lifting and moving process can be made easier. Given below are some useful tips for you that will make moving in Cockeysville or other Maryland city easier for you.

There are many tricks, but we are going to accustom you only to the mother of all tricks – the Pro Lift system. It is a complete package that makes lifting easier and safer for everyone. Almost every good professional mover in Maryland (be it in Cockeysville, Baltimore or any other city) uses this system due to its sheer benefits.

It is a carefully produced product. The regularly upgraded product has been designed to suit everyone’s needs and fits every kind of a person. It has been proven to help in lifting and make everything easier. How to make a good use of it? Read below to find out!

  • Pro Lift Shoulder Dolly comes with two fully adjustable vests that can be adjusted to the wearer’s waist size. Use the buckles to adjust Pro Lift to your body size. The Tri-Shanphook buckles should lie near your hipbones. And the side release buckle should be clipped near your sternum. Both The lifters should follow all these tips carefully.
  • Position the 12’ lifting strap under the weight of the object to be lifted.
  • Bend your knees a little and position your body in semi squat position, making sure that you do not lean towards the object.
  • Lace the strap through the 5” metal tension buckle until it is tight.
  • Adjust the length of the strap and lock it properly so that the item is lifted when you stand up.
  • You have to carefully adjust the length of the strap so that when you get up, some tension still remains on your shoulders. This certainly depends on your height.
  • If there is any excess webbing, make sure you properly tie it around your body or tuck it into your trousers so that you do not trip over.
  • While keeping your arms straight, push against the item you wish to move. It is very important to do it carefully so that the weight of the object falls on your shoulders and legs and not on your back.
  • Make sure you communicate with and take help from your lifting partner.

Lift Pro comes with a very well explained and detailed manual that will clear all your doubts regarding it. It is a great invention that all the professional movers in MD are using happily.

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