Prepare For Your Local Move – Making a Garage Sale

Garage sales are extremely popular. Whenever you have things you wish to do away with, you can simply put them out on sale. But, have you ever thought of doing it before moving? It doesn’t matter where you live, Timonium or anywhere else; this is one idea that always works.

You wouldn’t want to carry useless items to your new place. It is better to sell them and make some money that you can use to pay the movers in Timonium. A lot of people hold garage sales in Timonium before moving and make a good amount of money from items they don’t wish to use anymore. So how can you also make your garage sale a success? Read on to find out!

Make Some Noise

You must make some noise about the sale. It doesn’t matter how good your items are, people will not buy them until they are aware of them. You must decide on the sale day and then promote it. Since it isn’t the “big sale” you do not really have to incur any extra cost on advertising it. The key is simple: let your friends, neighbors and relatives know about the sale, put a banner or board outside your house telling people about the sale. These simple tricks will grab eyeballs and you will be able to get a good turnout.

Prepare For it

Prepare for the sale before moving out. You will have to decide on the items you want to keep and the items you want to do away with. In addition to this, you will have to decide the selling price of each item, keeping in mind the market value, the condition of the item and the demand for it. Quoting a very high price is never a good idea as people will not be attracted to the sale. Additionally, you will have to justify the high selling price by highlighting the advantages of the items on sale, which can get difficult.

Market the Items

In addition to the sale, you will also have to market the items on sale. Tell people why they should buy that article, and why they should buy from you. Some simple marketing techniques include quoting a low price, highlighting the advantages and showing people the benefits clearly. Additionally, you may use special banners reading “discount” to attract more people to a certain item. This trick is useful mostly for items that are very high priced in the market and you are selling them off at a lower price. If people ask you the reason for the lower price, you can come with the “moving out” answer, which is justified.

Make it Easy for Buyers

Make it easy for the buyer. Hold the sale in a spacious place so that it is easy to move. Have suitable background music and attend to every buyer paying respect to them. Additionally, have all the required things, such as availability to check electricity items so that the buyers have no trouble in deciding if they want to buy something.
Following these simple guidelines you can easily make your garage sale a success and get rid of the unneeded items before moving.

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