Post Move – Plan a House Warming Party

A great way to make a connection with your neighbours is by planning a house warming party after you move into your new home! Most people will not have the strength to even think about a party after they finish unpacking and getting their new home in order, but a house warming party will do wonders for you and your family as it will give everyone the opportunity to make new friends. There are a couple of ways you can plan your house warming party so that it does not feel like a strain on you. Here are some ways to go about planning your house warming party:

Keep the Planning to a Minimum

A party usually takes a lot of planning and time to get all the requirements in order, but you will probably not be up for one after you move in to your new home. The best way to throw a house warming party is by keeping all the planning that goes into a party to a minimum.

Don’t Keep Themes

It’s going to be a house warming party so you don’t need to plan any specific themes for the party, all that you will need to do is to decide who to invite to your party. You have to decide on the time of the party and if you have kids you can invite other kids in the neighbourhood to help them get to know each other.

Decide What to Serve and Drop off Invites

You don’t really need to serve anything fancy at a housewarming party, as it is all about getting to know your neighbours and introducing your kids to other children in the neighbourhood. Keep a casual tone for the party and serve refreshments to your guests. Drop off invites to your neighbours in your neighbourhood and have your kids deliver the invites to everyone in the vicinity.

Make Your Home Presentable

It is important to present a clean and organized home to your neighbours but you don’t need to go overboard with cleaning up your home. Keep all the stuff that is still unpacked away and make your home presentable in the best possible manner.

Purchase All Supplies You Will Need

You have just move into your home so you are bound to be short on some supplies, but there is no need to worry since you can purchase all the additional supplies you will require for the party. A great way to keep the dishes from getting dirty is by purchasing plastic and paper supplies that can thrown away after use, which will keep you from washing all the dishes after the party.

Relax and Enjoy Yourself

The main idea for a house warming party should be to enjoy yourself, so you should relax and have a good time with your neighbours and get to know them. Keep an open house theme for your house warming party and enjoy yourself.

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