Packing Your Dishes for Moving

Do you have a move coming up? Are you done with the packing? What about your dishes; have you packed them up? While packing your dishes, you have to be extremely careful and make sure they do not break during the move. Use the right boxes, but if you do not have these no problem. Just line and pad up an ordinary box, and they will be just as good.

Here is a complete guide at the most effective ways of packing your dishes so that they do not break in the process.

Get access to the supplies

As already mentioned, you should pack dishes in the correct type of boxes. Dish barrels are a great choice for this because they are made from thicker cardboard which is stronger and durable. Such boxes are able to absorb shock and so protect your dishes really well. You can easily get them from any moving company that sells packing boxes.

Other than the boxes, you should also buy strong and thick tape for the taping up the boxes.

Lay paper at the bottom of your box

Line up the bottom of your packing box with paper, which will save as a bed and cushion your dishes. Do not just lay the paper in firm sheets. Instead, crumple it up and then place a layer; this makes it a better shock absorber.

Continue layering the bottom until the layer is at least six inches thick.

Insert paper in the dishes

Start placing the heaviest glassware in your boxes; the lighter items are more appropriate for the upper side so that they are not burdened with weight. Generally, glass serving and trays are the heaviest items. Before you put these items into the boxes, wad them up with more paper if they are hollow. Otherwise just cover them with additional sheets of paper; make sure that you properly wrap each individual item.

Roll up the items in more paper

Take each item one by one, and roll them up in separate rolls of paper as additional protection. And by the way, you do not have to be tidy with this or exhibit neatness of any sort.

Start placing the items

When you have packed up each item individually, you can start placing them in the boxes. As already mentioned, the heavier items go at the bottom. Place these in the box; now fill up the empty spaces between these items with more paper so that impact is reduced. If any of the spaces are bigger, see if you can fit in another small item in between. Fill up the box three inches short of the top edge and place lighter items towards the top.

While doing so, if you hear clicking noises, it probably means that you have not put in enough paper to offer an acceptable level of protection.

Tape the box

Before you tape the box, place another layer of crumpled paper towards the box. Then tape it up, and label it so that sorting becomes easier.

That is it; you are now done with packing your dishes.

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