Packing Methods for Art, Pictures, Paintings

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Pictures, paintings, sculptures and all kinds of artwork are very valuable and a little damage to them can ruin the look of the entire piece. That’s why it is extremely necessary to pack artwork very carefully before moving it.

Framed Art

To pack a mirror, painting or framed photograph, tape a big ‘X’ from corner to corner of the frame with a packing tape. This will prevent the glass from shattering and damaging the painting inside, in case the glass breaks on the move.

Wrap the frame in layers of bubble wrap and secure it in place with tape. Take an appropriately sized box and layer the base with wadded newspaper. After placing the frame inside, fill the extra space in the box with more wadded pieces of newspaper for additional support and padding. Close the lid of the box and seal it completely. Label the box “FRAGILE” with a bold marker.


To wrap a painting, cover the entire painting in acid-free tissue paper. This will prevent any sort of damage to the painting. Use cardboard to sandwich the print from the front and back and secure with packing tape.

Use high-quality packing material to give sufficient protection to the painting and make sure it is not able to move within the packaging. Good quality packing material will protect your painting from being punctured by sharp objects.

Wrap the package with more cardboard pieces to and tape the edges of the cardboards on top. With a bold marker, write “DO NOT BEND” o both sides of the package.

Art Work

Sculptures, antiques and decoration items are very delicate and the slightest pressure on them can break or chip their edges. Take a box that is slightly bigger than the item and fill one-third of it with packing peanuts, wadded newspaper or bubble wrap. Make sure the base is completely padded.

Wrap each piece with an unprinted newspaper or bubble wrap securely and seal it with packing tape. If you are using newspaper for wrapping purposes, try using unprinted newspaper because the ink from a printed newspaper may leave a mark on your item.

Place your wrapped art work inside the box in an upright position and fill the remaining space with packaging peanuts. Filling up all the side spaces will prevent the art work from shifting inside while it is being handled or moved.

Close the lid and seal it with packing tape. Use a bold marker to write “FRAGILE-ART WORK” on the top of the box as well as on the sides.

Try to pack all your artwork in separate boxes individually. Packing more than one piece in each box will make them collide with each other all the while the box is in the moving van or while being handled.

As these are very delicate items, it is advisable to keep their boxes in a corner and on top of other boxes. Keeping other heavy boxes on these items may put extra pressure on them and can result in them getting damaged.

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