Moving with Pets

Moving to a new house? Bothers you, doesn’t it? The same can be said for your pets. As much as you want your move to be smooth, so do they. It does not matter whether you are moving to the next neighborhood or to another state, you will have to make sure that your pets are comfortable with it.

Here is some advice that can ensure a safe, sound, and comfortable move for your beloved animals.


Prior to the move, be sure to

  • Update the medical records of your pet.
  • Pack their records just as safely as you will pack your own documents.
  • Buy a comfortable carrier and durable carrier, if you feel this will make things ease for you and your pet.
  • Try to get a direct flight, if you are going by plane.


Stick to the same regular routine until the last minute

Does your pet have a daily routine? Make sure they follow it till the last minute. Avoid this, and you will make them uncomfortable and irritated. So for instance, if your dog has a walk every morning, make sure you take him on one on the moving day as well. Does your cat eat from a particular bowl? Give her food in this very utensil and do not pack it until the last minute.

If you are moving across the state, it will naturally take you sometime before you can reach there. During this time, your pets will need their regular meal and you should pack enough of this with you to last for the entire journey.


Decide on a suitable means of transportation

While this is not always possible, if you can, try to choose a transportation mode with which your pet will be comfortable. Generally, pets are better off with a car or a truck. If your move is a long distance one, you can either take him with you on the plane or get him transported via an animal transport service. If your pet is too attached with you, he might not be comfortable with the latter option.


Will you require accommodation?

When you are moving long distances, you may have to spend the night at a hotel or inn, particularly if you are traveling by road. In this case, book an accommodation, which will accept pets. Not every hotel is pet friendly, so you will have to search for this beforehand.


While driving

So you decided to go by car. Great, you and your pet will probably not have any problems during the trip. If you have a cat, keep it in a carrier. For dogs, you can use a restraining harness. Along the way, stop frequently and get your pets some exercise after every two or three years. The stops will make the trip long, but both you and your pets will be glad of the break.


And if you are flying

You will have to make arrangements in advance. With most airlines, only a limited number of pets are allowed on board and you will want yours to be left out.

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