Moving with Kids: Preparing Your Child for a Move

Amidst all the hassles involved with moving, children seem to be left out of the equation in most cases. Although the pile of legal paperwork, negotiations for the new house and packing household items might be overwhelming, you need to consider your children’s feelings in all of it. Keep your child informed about what is going on so that they are well prepared before the big moving day arrives. It won’t be easy for kids to let go off the comfort of familiar surroundings, school and friends.

Talk To Your Kids About The Move

Regardless of why you have to move, you have to keep your kids in the loop. Be prepared for how your kids would react and deal with the situation tactfully. Make sure you answer all that they ask you regarding the move because they are frightened about the change. To make your kids feel part of the moving process, you can involve your older children in the packing process and with house-hunting in the new neighborhood. Young kids could see you pack and would offer their favorite items to be packed so that they would feel comfortable in their new home with familiar items.

Familiarize Them With The New Place

Once you have talked to your kids about the move, it is time to take them along to their new neighborhood. Visit the new home by taking them along with you so that they are familiar with what they’ll expect after the move. Visit the schools in advance and arrange meetings with the teachers, if possible, so that your children would not be afraid of their first day at the new school. Gather information on the parks, libraries and extra-curricular activities of interest to your child, so that he/she can easily settle in the new neighborhood. Let your child take pictures of your new home and locality so that he/she can come back and share with his/her friends.

Arrange A Farewell Party For Your Kids

Before the moving day arrives, arrange a farewell party for your children so that they can say a fun-filled goodbye to their friends. Although you should encourage your children to form new friendships at the new destination, but you should also encourage them to stay in contact with old friends to not feel isolated.  Technology has eased out the stress in long distance relationships allowing your kids to be in contact with their old friends on Skype and Facebook. Moreover, video games can be played online with friends situated anywhere.

Handling Children Of Different Ages

Toddlers and preschoolers are quite easy to move since you could explain the change in a story format and assure them their toys are not being thrown away. Don’t move their furniture till the last day. School aged kids aged till 9 should be explained about the good things to expect at the new place. Teenagers can be rebellious which is why you have to involve them in the process and share the move plans and timetable.


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