Moving to Baltimore? Here are some Great Fall Activities

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Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland, is an exciting city throughout the year. However, it can be especially entertaining during fall because the city has extremely pleasant weather during the season.

This magnificent city is largely popular because of its vibrant nightlife, culture, harbor, and food. Baltimore is a proud city that offers a blend a unique blend of large city attitude mixed with Southern hospitality.

Listed below are some of the most exciting activities that only may enjoy during fall:

M&T Bank Stadium

Fall season is football season in Baltimore! Thousands of fans dressed in purple and yellow flock to see the Baltimore Ravens play. Watching a game in the M&T Stadium is one of the most exciting experiences that one may gain while in Baltimore. It’s also a great way to understand how much loyalty and devotion the residents of Baltimore have towards their city.

Baltimore Grand Prix

The Baltimore Grand Prix is an annual 3 day festival of speed that marks the start of fall. The Grand Prix is held in downtown Baltimore and is enjoyed by over 150,000 visitors. In addition to the Indy car racing, the event brings together a collage of local businesses and performers that add to this colorful 3 day festival.

Baltimore Ghost Tours

A Fells Point and Mt. Vernon tour is one of the most memorable activities that a family or group can partake in during Halloween season. Baltimore Ghost Tours provide spooky primers on two of Baltimore’s notoriously haunted neighborhoods. These tours provide entertaining insight on the mysterious and supernatural events that occurred in these areas.

National Aquarium

The National Aquarium is considered to be on the best aquariums in the world. This breathtaking aquarium is home to 16,000 animals. It features several award winning exhibits such as Dolphin Discovery, Animal Planet Australia, and Jellies Invasion.

Trolley Tours
Baltimore Trolley Tours are fascinating 90 minute long tours that introduce tourists and locals to some of the most interesting areas in the city. The Trolley Tours have informative narrators that provide insightful information regarding neighborhoods, landmarks, and buildings. The Baltimore Trolley Tours are an excellent way to familiarize oneself with the city. Highlights of the tours include Edgar Allen Poe’s grave, Babe Ruth’s birthplace, and information regarding the earliest settlers.


Some of the local cuisine from Baltimore is legendary across the United States and tales are told around the world. Probably no other dish is as popular as steamed blue crab in Baltimore. Great steamed crab places like the Crab Place encourage adults to put on bibs and get their hands dirty. Local restaurants offer some of the most authentic crab-dining experiences in America.

Crab cakes are recommended for the lighthearted and those that aren’t looking to get involved in so much work while eating. Baltimore crab has some of the finest meat and local restaurants have perfected these delicious crab patties.

Baltimore also is home to some of the best barbeque sandwiches in the States. Its famous pit beef sandwich is created with beef that has been cooked in pit for over a day before it’s ready to be sandwiched and enjoyed by customers. These hearty meals have been perfected by the culinary geniuses of Polish immigrants who contributed greatly to local culture.



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