Moving Out Of State for the First Time

Moving can seem very overwhelming, whether it’s moving to a new home in a different neighborhood or across the country. Moving to a new state is definitely no exception, especially if you’re doing it for the first time. Most people go through a roller coaster of emotions like panic and stress as the time draws nearer. The good news is that you can spare yourself from this ordeal if you go over a few things in the initial stages. This will help start out the process smoothly and keep you on track.


How Does It Work?

Plan Your Move!

Being organized and up-to-date with the most relevant information regarding your needs is essential. Here are a few things you can do to prepare yourself for the big move.

  • Visit the state before moving – The time arrives when it’s confirmed that you’re moving out of state, whether it’s a choice, or whether you’ve been transferred to another state by your employer for business purposes. It’s a good idea to take a trip to the state you’re going to be living in, and you’ll also become slightly familiar with it. This will reduce the shock and anxiety of landing in a completely new place.
  • Learn about housing and career opportunities – your top two priorities when you arrive at your new destination would be buying a house and perhaps arranging for employment (unless you have been transferred there by your employer). Take a day or two to explore your housing options and career opportunities. Get an idea of the scope of your profession and how it will affect your professional lifestyle, whether negatively or positively.
  • Get the facts about the cost of living – Some states are more expensive to live in than others. If you’re moving from Colorado to New York, chances are you’re going to be spending a lot more money during the month in order to accommodate yourself to the new lifestyle. However, if the situation is reversed, you may actually find yourself saving a considerable amount of money, and perhaps have the opportunity to move towards a richer lifestyle.
  • Find a job before moving to a new state – we talked about considering career opportunities and exploring options. One step up to that would be making an attempt to attain employment before you move. If you have a secure job waiting for you, settling in and adjusting would seem a lot easier. Some people suffer from episodes of depression if they remain unemployed for too long, and considering the economy, there aren’t that many jobs to go around. So set up some interviews before flying to your new state and try to land a job for yourself.
  • Research movers and read reviews online, ask friends and family. Get a few moving estimates from different moving companies


Make a Check-List Prior To Your Move

When the time for moving approaches, you’re going to have to keep yourself organized and in check to make sure things happen smoothly. A good way to do this is by making a basic checklist of essential tasks. Make sure to note down even the ones that seem obvious, because as the team nears, anxiety and panic strikes and we ultimately end of forgetting minor but important details and tasks.

  • Sort out things according to what you need and don’t need.
  • Get your boxes ready by finding enough and labeling them
  • Be sure you have enough packing material
  • Find different moving services and compare prices to have a rough idea of how much you should budget
  • If you have pets, make sure you arrange for their transportation
  • Have drinks, water, and snacks ready for you and the movers.
  • Put together a bag pack of personal essentials you will need for the first day in the new home.
  • Take care of all your valuables yourself, such as jewelry and cell phones


En Route

The trip doesn’t have to be entirely boring. When you’re en route, try to plan out your trip in a way which allows you the luxury of observing the scenery as you go. Travelling by road through dry, boring, or scary areas can have a negative impact on your road trip experience. Try to make stops at historical sites, lakes and rivers, and nice restaurants.


Why Do Movers Take a Week or Two to Reach the Destination

At the time of your estimate, you are given a transit time in business days –the estimated time it will take for your trailer to travel from the origin location to the destination service center that will handle the delivery of your trailer. Once your trailer arrives at the destination, most moving companies will say you can expect your delivery within the next 3-4 business days, but if you’re travelling long-distance, it will obviously take longer.


Are My Items Insured When Moving?

You should check with your homeowner’s or renters insurance provider to see if they cover your items while in transit. Remember that if you choose to pack and load your belongings, the moving company is not responsible for loss or damage caused by your own negligence.


Can Everything Go On A Moving Truck?

This depends on the size of the truck you would be renting. For example, a 26ft moving truck would be perfect for larger families, being able to store furniture for houses that have 4 or more bedrooms.

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