Moving In Columbia, MD – Full Service vs. Self Service Movers

When you are planning to move, one of the most important decisions you need to take is regarding the type of moving companies you want to select. You can find several different types of moving companies depending on the services they provide to their customers. The two most common types of moving services that you can easily find in Columbia, MD are full-service and self-service companies. Here is a basic review of both types of services to help you make a decision:

Full-Service Companies

Full-service companies are those that handle the entire moving process on their own. They provide all the services including packing your things and loading, driving and unloading them at your new residence. Some of these companies also offer storage facilities for your belongings if you need to keep them safe until you move.

Self-Service Companies

With self-service moving companies, you have to do all the work yourself while they are only responsible for driving your things from one place to another. You have to pack and load your belongings into a movable crate provided by the company, which they drive to your new residence where you unload them yourself.

Self-Service vs. Full-Service

The major difference between these two services is the cost structure. The cost of self-service companies depends mostly on the size of crate provided by the company or the distance travelled by the truck to transport your belongings. These services are relatively much cheaper than the full-service companies since they provide different services. The cost of full-service companies depend on the distance travelled, the amount of things that need to be packed or by the hour. The more services you require, the higher will be your price quote.

Pros and Cons of Self-Service


  • Self-service moving companies are cheaper.
  • The service provides the customers with total control while packing and loading their things.
  • It will be easier for you to label packages accordingly so that you can easily identify them later.
  • You can pack your things more carefully yourself and cause less damage.


  • Packing your things can be a difficult and over-whelming process.
  • You may require additional helpers for lifting heavy furniture or appliances.
  • It can take a lot of time.
  • You require substantial experience in loading and unloading a truck to carry off this option efficiently or you may end up causing much more damage to your belongings.

Pros and Cons of Full-Service


  • Full-service moving companies are the best way to make your move as convenient as possible.
  • You have no responsibility of packing or loading your belongings.
  • Since most of these services have experienced professionals working for them, they can pack your things in a much better way.
  • You can also store your belongings with these service providers if you need for a few days.
  • Most of these services also cover transit insurance and provide claims for any damages.


  • It is quite an expensive option and cannot be afforded by those who are on a tight budget.
  • They offer no control over how things are packed and moved.
  • You can decide on what type of service you want to select depending on your requirements and your resources. For long-distance moves in Columbia, MD, professional full-service moving companies are still a much better option to consider.

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