Moving Day: Do’s and Dont’s

Congratulations, your most anticipated day of the last few weeks is finally here. Today is the day when you have to make the big move into that new house that you have just gotten for yourself. Feels exciting? We are sure you are thrilled, but we are also sure of the fact that you must be anxious as well. What if something goes wrong doing the move like a precious item getting lost or a valuable belonging getting damaged? Does this worry equal stress plus pressure?

If you are nervous and fear that your big day might mess up, we can present you with a number of do’s and dont’s. Abide by them and your day will proceed perfectly alright, and there will be not one thing that goes wrong.

Here are the most popular do’s and dont’s of moving day.


  • Start your day early with a nutritious breakfast. Make sure you have had ample sleep the night before so that you do not feel tired or sleepy.
  • Wear appropriate clothes and drink plenty of water throughout the day.
  • Drop of your kids and pets at a friend’s or relative house. You will probably not be able to look after them on the big day.
  • Have a list of all important things to be done, and tick them off as you finish off with them.
  • Keep your night bag with you throughout. This will contain all essential items like your medicine, tooth brush, snacks, dress and any other thing which you may need on the first night.
  • Inspect all the boxes carefully before they are loaded and make sure they are not damaged.
  • Ensure that your boxes are being weighed accurately. Also make sure they are labeled properly.
  • Make yourself available to the moving company and watch them over as they do their jobs.
  • Inspect the inventory and make sure every item has been properly loaded onto the truck.


  • Panic. Try to maintain your calm however difficult this is.
  • Forget to gather all your boxes in one place.
  • Leave your packing for the last day. You should finish off with it a day or two before the scheduled date.
  • Ask moves to change your services on the last day or increase the weight of your belongings. You will have to pay an increased price for this. So provide your moving company with details of your belongings.
  • Hand over your valuable items like jewelry, coins, medical records and important documents to the moving company. You should carry them with you.
  • Have a conversation with the movers if they are handling your fragile items or heavy objects.
  • Forget to inspect your home one final time and make sure you are not leaving anything behind.
  • Forget to tip the movers. They worked hard for your move, and so they deserve this amount.

So keep in mind what we have suggested and your move will proceed just like you plan.

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