Moving an Aging Parent

Moving aging parents to a new location can be an emotionally challenging experience since your parents have attached emotional value to their existing abode. It is natural for parents to be reluctant to such a move and therefore might experience sadness and apprehension. It is your responsibility to talk to them about why the move is essential keeping in my mind the sensitivity of the matter. Aging parents mostly feel a loss of control as a result of the moving process so it is advisable to let them make decisions regarding the move.

Organizing The Move

Whether you are moving your parent to a smaller home, to your home or to a senior community, it would most certainly involve downsizing. You cannot obviously move every piece of furniture and decor to the new location and therefore would have to decide on what should be moved and what shouldn’t be. You should along with your parents go through each house item one by one and place items into categories: to be moved, to be sold or donated, to be thrown out and those to serve as keepsakes. While packing you or your parents might become nostalgic, so do keep room for emotions. Such moves might not simply be moving possessions rather memories.

Storing Items

When the new space doesn’t have much space for storing much of your parent’s furniture and belongings, you should look out for a safe and secure storage facility. Fragile items, antiques and other items are valuable memories from your parent’s home that need to be stored carefully to prevent damages.

Packing Your Parents’ Home

Whether you are packing household items yourself or have hired movers to do so, make sure that all the packing is done with utmost care. It is crucial that you realize aging people tend to be more sensitive of their belongings and would not tolerate any mishaps or loss. Make sure the moving company that is hired is aware of this situation.

Important Considerations During The Move

Moving Antiques And Other Valuable Items: Hire professional movers for antiques and other valuable items. These worthy items should also be insured before hitting the roads for the move.

Change Address: Make sure to contact the post office, banks and subscriptions of the change in address.

Handle Utilities: Pay off all the bills and cut off utilities, phone and cable.

Organize A Garage Sale: Those items that are not required can be put up for a garage sale or even donated to charity.

Prepare For The Moving Day: Usually when you hire a mover, it is their responsibility to handle the logistics of the move. When moving a parent yourself especially for a long move, make sure to include foods with high water content such as fresh fruits so that your parents are hydrated and would require less bathroom breaks. Focus on the most comfortable mode of travel for you parent. For very long trips, airplane travel is preferable although some aged people enjoy car rides.



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