Moving Advice on Relocating a Wine Collection

A wine collection is a significant investment on your part and one which needs to be moved with the utmost care when you are relocating. You must ensure that no damage can occur to your wine collection, since it is something which is invaluable and needs to be moved with every precaution. Here is some moving advice on relocating with a wine collection.

Get an Appraisal

It is important that you have your wine collection appraised by someone who is qualified. You can ask for wine appraisers from a local wine merchant to get an appraisal for your wine collection before your move.

Take Pictures of the Collection

Ensure that you have photographed your entire wine collection to keep an accurate document about the overall contents.

Inform the Movers

It is imperative that you inform your moving company that you are planning to relocate your high-value wine collection, so that they can make the necessary preparations. Some special considerations will have to be made in order to ensure that your wine collection is moved without any damage, which maybe:

Fill Out a High-Value Inventory Form

This form ensures that your wine collection qualifies for unlimited liability from the movers. The form will be provided by the mover, who will also explain the different plans of protection you may use. Many major moving companies offer replacement protection, so that people can be properly compensated for any damages to their high-value items during relocating.

The Legal Considerations

Some states may have legal restrictions placed on alcohol that maybe bought for personal use. It is important that you notify the authorities that are controlling alcohol and beverage in the state you are moving to, before your move so that you may not face any legal action when relocating your wine collection.

Check the Temperature

Wine experts around the world agree that the older the wine is, the more delicacy it will have in the flavour, and it has to be stored at the ideal temperature to ensure that the taste of the wine is not spoilt. This is why you should check the temperature of your wine collection while moving and keep it constant, to avoid affecting the appearance and taste of your wine.

Packing the Wine Collection

Always pack your wine bottles in special boxes that are designed for fragile items to protect them from accidental damage during transit. You should:

  • Keep corked wine bottles upside down in the container to ensure that the corks remain wet.
  • Never pack wine bottles that have been opened.
  • Properly label the box as FRAGILE – THIS SIDE UP to ensure that the movers handle it with care.

Final Words

Having your wine collection relocated may cause you a lot of stress, but not if you are well prepared. You should preferably move your wine collection during late fall or early spring, as the temperature outside is perfect for moving wine. Some bottles may even experience “bottle shock” during the move and it is advised to let the wine bottles rest for at least one week after they arrive at your new home, to avoid flavour loss and change of appearance.

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