Important Advice When Moving: Record Keeping

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It is extremely important to keep all your records in check, especially when you are moving. Most people are not very good at keeping records, and have their important documents stashed away in a drawer or locker, and when the time comes to relocate it can be very hard to organize all your records and keep them in a secure location.

Here are some of the important documents that you should collect and keep safely in your records to make things easier for you when you relocate to your new residence:

School Records

Keep track of your children’s school records since they will be enrolling in a college, school or university and they must have proof of their educational background in order to get enrolled. Most schools will forward your child’s records to their new school or college, but it is always better to keep extra copies of your child’s school safely with you.

Medical Records

You should also collect all copies of your medical records from your medical practitioner, which may include the family dentist, optometrist and doctor. Many medical offices will provide you with your family’s medical records, along with further records if required. If you are locating out of state it will help you acquire a new medical practitioner, once you have all the medical records in order or you can ask your previous doctor to have them mailed to you at your new residence.

Vet Records

The medical records of your vets are also important, since it will contain health and vaccination records for your pet, and will help the new vet learn about the medical history of your pet.

Financial Records

It is essential to make copies of your financial records, which may include your investments, account information and bank statements. These records are vital for you, since they will help you open up accounts and transfer fund to financial institutions after you relocate.

Organizing Your Records

After you have collected all your records, it is time to organize them properly so that they can be reached easily when the time comes to use them. Making copies is fine but how do you organize these documents efficiently so that you can use them when the time comes. Here are some tips on organizing your records when you are moving.

  • Organize your records in files and purchase folders with fasteners and labels to make it easier for you to keep your records in separate files.
  • Buy a portable file box for your records with a lid attached to it so that you can easily transport your records when the time comes for you to relocate. They are very durable and can hold a lot of files at a single time as well.
  • Get a marker and mark all the portable file boxes appropriately so you have a good idea about which boxes contain files regarding school documents, and which boxes contain files about your finances.

Organizing your records can be a hassle sometimes, but not if you manage your files correctly. It will also help immensely when you are relocating and enable you to have a stress free move.

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