How to Prepare Plants When moving in MD-DC and VA

Do you have a love for nature? If so, you will have decorated your house with many plants that add to the beauty and make the space friendlier. But here’s the problem. You are about to move to a new home. How will you take all the plants with you? You will have to prepare them and make them ready for the move. Act on our advice and that will be so.


What you need to know about plants - when moving

Three weeks prior to the move

Move your plants from clay plots into strong, plastic ones that do not break. Make sure the new pots are the same size as the old ones.

Two weeks prior to the move

If you have bigger plants, prune them so that become compact. This will make handling and transportation easier. Plus, pruning also makes the plants look more attractive and healthier. Plants can be pruned by pinching back new growth between your forefinger and thumb. Succulents and ferns such as cactus, aloe vera, and jade plants do not require any pruning.

A week prior to the move

Inspect your plans thoroughly and make sure they have mot be attacked by parasites and insects. If so, you can use an insecticide, but be sure to follow the instructions given on the label carefully.

Two days prior to the move

Water your plants just like you usually do. Your plants do not need extra water. Overwatering can cause the plants to freeze if the weather is cold. In case the weather is warm, then also overwatering is harmful because it promotes fungus growth.

On the moving day

Time to pack up your plants so that you can move them. Wrap up all your plants in tissue paper or an old bed sheet so that the branches do not break during the move. Now carefully place the pots, one by one in the moving box. You can secure the pot in place by stuffing paper or old rags around it. Create holes in the top and side of the box so that air can enter and plants can breathe. Cover the lid and let it remain a bit lose; do not secure it tightly.

Label the boxes and set them aside from the rest of the packing boxes. Load them into the van carefully and do not put any other box on top of them.

During transportation

Maintain a comfortable temperature in the vehicle. Too much cold, heat or not enough air will harm your plants. If the weather is warm, regularly stop in shaded areas and roll down the windows so that the plants can breathe. Make sure that direct sunlight does not fall on them at anytime.

If the plants seem a bit dry, you can water them, but if possible, avoid it until you are at your new home. If your trip is longer than three days, always shift the plants into the lodge or where you are staying during the night, and open the boxes.

If you have hired a moving company, let them know they are plants, and they will take care of the rest.

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