How to Prepare For Long Distance Relocation

Ever made a 4 hour long road trip from one city to another? Get’s pretty tiring by the end of it, doesn’t it? Now imagine going through that same trip for 2-3 days across the country. Yes, it can get pretty frustrating; especially considering the extra amount of furniture you’ll be taking along with you to your new place. It’s a whole new ball game, which is why Pack Turtle recommends you to prepare beforehand, in order to make the move as easy as possible. With a few easy steps, you can do just that!


Monetary Considerations

Probably the first thing you need to take care of is the monetary expenditure that goes into the move. The biggest expense would be hiring movers and relocating the furniture from your old residence to the new place. This would cost you around nine to fifteen thousands, but that’s just a wild guess. And though moving furniture is a major expense, there are other expenditures that you will come across too. Things such as petrol costs, packing materials, deposits, staying motels and food will also contribute to a fair share of the budget pie. Besides that, you’ll be spending more than just a day or two on the road, so expect a few hiccups too, such as a possible car breakdown. The trick is to always overestimate the expenses by at least 10% in order to be prepared for the unexpected.


Don’t Make Unnecessary Expenditures

If the above figures sound a bit steep, then fear not; you can save quite a few bucks by making some wise choices. For example, if you have yet to book a new home and intend on staying in a temporary residence for a few days, you can choose to go for extended stay motels. These motels are especially for people who plan on staying more than a week or two, and are fitted with amenities such as refrigerators, regular household electronics and even cook tops. Not only will you be paying a highly subsidized rate, but you will also be saving money by cooking food instead of ordering or eating out every other day.


Plan Plan Plan!

For a place that’s thousands of miles away, planning out won’t be as simple as saying “I would move to XYZ place in ABC days.” No, things can get a little awry, which is why you need to be plan out even the minutest details. Things such as where you’ll be eating, whether you’ll be taking a bus, car or fly to the location and how much distance you’ll be travelling need to be planned out beforehand. You also need to be ready to tackle any unexpected situations, such as breakdowns or sickness. As such, Pack Turtle recommends always having an emergency First Aid kit with you at all times, along with a jumper cable and towing kit.

It would also be fruitful to have everything setup before you arrive at your new home, so that you may continue with normal life as soon as possible.

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