How to Pack When Moving into a Storage Facility for a Long Period of Time?

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Packing for a move is a formidable job and has to be done in the correct manner in order to prevent any problems in the future. There are many different options you can use when you are moving, and one of the most favorable choices when it comes to moving is storing your things in a storage facility.

However, people today have little idea what they should be moving into a storage facility, particularly if it is for a significant period of time. So here are some pointers to help you pack when moving into a storage facility for a long period of time.

Decide what will move with you, what will move into storage and what will stay behind

It is important to make a list of all the important items that you will require in your daily life. All these items should be packed separately from the stuff that is going to be moved into the storage facility. To help make sense of any clutter you may have collected over the past, it is important to get rid of any unwanted items when you are packing. You can hold a garage sale and either donate or sell stuff that you don’t require, while you should also be careful to carefully pack and label the stuff you want to store. Labeling is important when you are moving, so ensure that all your boxes are labeled and have separate color labels for fragile and important items.

Purchase Moving Supplies

In order to make a smooth transition when you are moving, you should purchase the necessary moving supplies to ensure that you have a stress free move. Moving supplies consist of boxes, (big and large) bubble wrap, packing tape and other supplies. This will allow you to pack all your stuff without any last minute disasters.

Pack Non-Essentials

People believe that they should not pack non-essential items, which is a grave mistake, since they tend to get in the way when you are moving around the house. You should make separate boxes and label everything in order to have a precise and efficient move.

Label, Label, Label

Label all your stuff so that you can easily distinguish between all the items that you have packed. This will also eliminate the chances of any confusion when you are moving, since you can easily see the labels of all the items.

Inventory List

Make an inventory list of every item that you moving, so that you have a clear idea of how many things you are moving and what items are going into the storage facility.

Label Boxes with ‘How to handle the contents’ Stickers

This is one way to help handle fragile items when you are moving. Label boxes with the way that they must be handled, for instance ‘this side up’ clearly tells that the box should be kept on the side that has been labeled.

Keep Fragile Items Safe – Pack Properly

Fragile items must be wrapped and packed with diligence in order to prevent them from being damaged during the move.

Keep Small Parts Together

Any small parts of a particular item must be kept together so that they can be connected again when you have completed the move.

Take all the above things into consideration, since it will help you pack when you are moving your stuff into a storage facility for a long time.

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