How to Pack Fragile Vases and Lamps like a Pro for Relocating Purposes

The biggest dilemma that you can face when you relocate to a new home is your fragile items like vases and lamps arriving broken or damaged. In order to avoid wreckage of the pieces you spent countless dollars on, you need to learn to pack them the right way.

Vases and lamps are not symmetrical, which is why they require a special method of packing as compared to other fragile items. Here is how you can pack vases and lamps like a pro:


Add a Layer of Protection via Bubble Wrap

Lamps and vases are extremely fragile, and if you are thinking that other alternatives like towels or blankets might do the job, you are wrong. If you are on a tight budget, use towels or blankets for the less fragile items and save the bubble wrap for the vases.

Bubble wraps are primarily wrapped around all kinds of fragile items to keep them safe. Since lamps and vases require additional protection, bubble wrap becomes a necessity. You need to individually wrap your lamps and vases with bubble wrap and seal every seam shut with a packing tape. Ensure that the enclosure of each bubble wrap is completely sealed from above and below.


Fill Up the Spaces within the Box with Old Newspaper

Newspapers can be one of the most useful items when you are planning a move. When it comes to packing lamps and vases, more is less. You need to fill your packing boxes up with as much newspaper as possible. Newspaper fillings act as an extra layer padding for your fragile items be they lamps or vases.

The best way to stuff the newspaper to fill up spaces is by stuffing wads of newspaper inside. You have to ensure enough newspaper is stuffed within the packing box that even if the box is dropped, the newspapers will offer enough protection and save the vase or lamp from breaking into pieces.


Take Advantage of Specialty Boxes

Regular boxes might be sufficient enough for smaller vases and lamps. However, you would need special tall boxes for lamps of standard size. These larger boxes can be availed from regular moving supplies stores so that you can pack your lamps to maximum protection.

Before you put your boxes on the moving truck, you need to add reinforcement with a sturdy packing tape above at both ends so that your box does not fall open during the shipping or move. Also, a bigger size than normal is a better option as it provides extra room on all sides to protect the fragile items better.


Label Your Boxes of Lamps and Vases as Fragile

Whether it is shippers or movers, they do not know which box contains what, unless you do point them out yourself. You need to mark your boxes containing vases and lamps as fragile to ensure that your movers carry, lift and handle your items with care.

Using these tips can give you peace of mind that your lamps and vases will arrive at their destination safe and sound. Ignorance or carelessness in any of the steps above can however, cause damage to your items.

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