How to Pack Electronics When Moving

Packing your electronics can be quite difficult due to their large size, shape, and the large number of cables and accessories that go with it. If the electronics are not packed carefully, it can get extremely tedious to reassemble them after the move. To save themselves from the hassle, people sometimes hire professional moving companies to pack their electronics.

Here are a few tips to pack your electronics safely and efficiently:

The very first thing you should do before you start packing your electronics is to search the instruction manual provided by manufacturer for any special moving instructions. You can also look through the manufacturer’s website for instructions about your equipment.

Carefully dismantle your electronic as much as possible to make it easier to move them. Before you pack the equipment, make sure to remove any ink cartridges or CDs. Also disconnect all the cables and plugs from the equipment, secure them with twist-ties to avoid raveling and mark all the wires with numbers and color-codes to make it easier to distinguish which wire belongs to which equipment. You can also tape the wires of different equipment with them.

If you fear having trouble while reassembling equipment later, you can also create a step-by-step guidebook of how you dismantled the product.

If you have the actual packing boxes of your electronics, it is convenient and best to use them for packing. If you don’t have it anymore, you can ask the manufacturer or moving companies to provide you with special boxes. You can also get double-walled boxes to pack your electronics, but make sure they are slightly bigger than your equipment.

Use thick layer of cushioning at the bottom of the box before you put in your equipment. You should use non-static material for cushioning such as bubble wrap. After you have placed the equipment, cover all the remaining empty space with more cushioning material.

If you are placing more equipment in a single box, place the heavier one at the bottom and the lightest at the top. Separate all equipment with packing material and also fill any empty space. There should be no room for rattling.

Once all the equipment are in the boxes, tape them tightly and label them indicating the equipment inside and which side should be kept up. This helps the people from moving companies in keeping your delicate equipment safe.

You should also remember that right temperature is very important while moving electronic items. Sensitive media such as CDs cannot tolerate high temperatures and can be damaged therefore they should not be moved in units with high temperature. You can move these items with you in your own car when you move out or you can talk with moving companies to make appropriate arrangements.

Remember that electronics are also fragile items and can be damaged quite easily. If you do not pack them with care, you can suffer huge losses. If you still find it difficult to pack your electronics, you can ask professional moving companies for assistance. If you pack your electronics the right way, unpacking and reassembling them would be much easier.

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