How Much Should it Cost to Move a House in Washington, DC

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Different movers in Washington, DC, charge different prices for their service, depending on several factors. To understand how much it would cost to move a house in Washington, DC, one has to understand the factors that help determine the cost.

Given below are a few cost determining factors. They will help you understand how much you should be willing to pay for a move in Washington, DC.

The Distance to Cover

This is the main difference maker. A lot is decided by this factor alone as the time taken and fuel used in a move depends on the distance. Generally, most companies charge on per hour basis, which means the longer the distance (i.e.: the more time it takes to reach the destination) the higher the charges.

If one is travelling from Washington, DC, to another state and vice versa, the charges will understandably be higher in comparison to the move from one house in Washington, DC, to another house in the same district.

Services Used

Some movers offer several exclusive services with their contracts. Some of these services include: insurance and even help in packing and unpacking. If a customer subscribes to these services then he or she will have to pay a higher sum.

Some services, such as insurance in transit, are considered a “must” to eliminate the risk of any kind of loss.

Some companies will not reimburse any loss if the goods are not insured. It is always better to have the goods insured than to save money, because it is not worth it. However, the other services may be given a miss depending on the situation and needs.

The Stuff

If you have a lavish house full of heavy items such as furniture then the company may charge you higher. As mentioned above, the charges often depend on the number of labor hours used on a project. If there are too many items then it will take the labor a lot of time to carry each item to the truck, which would result in a higher total cost.

This is why many people choose to have a moving sale in Washington, DC, before the move so that they can get rid away the items they may not need in the new house. It is always a good idea to have a little amount of goods to shift.

Customer’s Demands

In addition to the factors mentioned above, there are several other things that help decide how much it would cost to move a house in Washington, DC. If it is an urgent task (has to be finished within a short span of time) then the company will charge higher, simply because it will have to put in more labor and effort to do the job within the specific time.

The final charges depend on all these factors. You will be able to reach the right cost by estimating your needs clearly and communicating with the moving company to see the packages they have.

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