Full-Service Movers vs. Self-Service Movers

Before choosing which service will be more suitable and fits your budget, you should understand what each service has to offer and its benefits and drawbacks.

Full-Service Mover

This service is usually for huge moving projects or busy people who do not have the time to pack or wind up their old place. With a full-service mover you do not need to worry about packing your belongings. Professionals are available to carry out all these tasks in the best way possible using professional techniques. This service is very reliable and convenient and will relieve you from unnecessary moving stress. The professionals will take great care of your belongings and pack and transport them safely to your new place.

Self-Service Mover

This is a combination of a full-service mover and a do-it-yourself approach. If you opt for this service, you have to pack and load/unload all your belongings yourself onto and off the mover’s truck. From there, a professional truck driver will transport your belongings to your new apartment or home. So, part personal and part professional, this service will allow your goods to be safely and quickly transported to your new place of residence.

Now that you have understood the difference between the two services, below is an elaboration of the pros and cons of each service.


It is obvious that a full-service mover is handling your whole moving process and therefore, will charge you more for the service. In comparison to that, the self-service mover will charge considerably less because they only provide you with a vehicle and a professional driver to transport your goods to your new destination.


If you opt-for a self-service mover, you will have to do all the packing and winding up yourself. Also, loading and unloading your boxes into and off the truck will be your responsibility. On the other hand, a full-service mover is more convenient as they will take the burden of moving. They will handle everything from the packing, loading and transportation of your goods to your destination. They are a very good option for long distance moving.

Moreover, if you hire a full-service mover, there is a lower chance of damage to your items as the men are professional and will pack and load your items carefully. This will allow safe transportation of your goods without any damage on the way or while handling.


If you hire a self-service user, you will have to do most of the work, while the company will only transport your goods. In case you hire a full-service user, you will save you a lot of your valuable time as they will take care of everything. You can relax and complete your other tasks before you move.

Personal Choice

Some people like to do everything themselves and find it more convenient to pack everything in their own way so that they can easily unpack them after moving. For such people, a self-service mover will be more suitable in comparison to a full-service mover.

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