Finding Reliable Movers

Moving is not an easy process. Not only is it stressful, it takes great physical effort and time to complete. Moreover, it is a large-scale project, as usually you are moving most or all of your belongings from one place to another, sometimes to a different city. Any mishap during the journey or a mistake during the preparations can leave you frustrated for a long time. Your life in the new house will not begin on a positive note.

To avoid all these problems, most people go for professional moving companies. Since a group of highly trained people are taking care of all the necessary procedures, the moving process can become relaxing, helping you to focus on other important issues. However, it is not very rare to hear complaints about bad companies who provide poor services. For example, “The goods were damaged,” “Some items were stolen,” “They didn’t show up on time” etc.

Keeping this in mind, should we give up on the idea of hiring professional companies? Absolutely not. The solution to this problem is to find reliable movers, companies who understand your needs and who stick to their word when it comes to the services they promised to offer. This article will help you in selecting a reliable moving company.

Before moving on, there are some things that you should know. Reputed and licensed companies are not hard to find. In fact, you can come across companies whose marketing modus operandi is to display referrals and testimonials of previous clients. Moreover, you have to understand that a moving company is a third party service. That means that costs will be variable, depending on the nature of the job and the company providing it.

Does this mean that the most expensive company has the greatest reputation? That is not entirely true, but you should not go to the other extreme either, i.e. hiring the cheapest service. Many companies offer reasonable rates, but they are often at the expense of substandard service. The best thing to do is to request quotes from different companies and compare them with each other.

In short, a reliable company will be insured and licensed, and will abide by the law. How do you find such a company? The following list contains some features that a moving company should have. Keep them in mind when selecting one for yourself.

Clear communication

A good company will handle communications well. Its sales representative will be clear about the services of the company and the prices they charge. You will not be kept in the dark about any hidden costs.

Proper inspection

A reliable company will not make a shot in the dark when it comes to giving estimates, but will carry out detailed inspection to judge the extent of the job and provide a quote based on this inspection.

The time factor

Time management is a sign of professionalism, and a moving company that does not value this is not worth your money.

The right equipment

Professional movers tend to have the proper equipment to handle cargo over long routes. If, on the day of hiring, you have inhibitions about the company’s equipment, do talk to them. Don’t remain silent and suffer.


Finally, follow-up after the moving process is a factor that can help you distinguish reliable movers from novices and frauds. “You job is done, pay us the money, good bye!” This is not the attitude of reliable movers. They will give you a follow up call to ask for any complaints, or for positive feedback that they can archive for future reference.

So follow these guidelines to enjoy your moving experience!

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